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  1. I never actually checked the speeds as I never had any problems loading anything. No video buffering ever. I was really surprised to have that after what was said on CC.
  2. Was in a JS on Jewel and had the alcohol plus VOOM package. Internet speeds were absolutely amazing - everywhere on the ship.
  3. Just off the June 19th sailing of the Volendam. We arrived at the port about 11:50 AM and were in our stateroom, dropping off the carryon, by 12:20. There were 3 couples in our group and we boarded together. And this mornings disembarkation was even faster. We were in one on the last groups to depart - called us at 5 to 9 and we were on the other side of customs by 9:10 - I can’t believe how fast it went!
  4. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Yukon Suspension Bridge is, in fact, in Northern BC. Don’t want to take away from your experience, but in the interest of accuracy,wanted to point that out. signed ...a Third Generation Yukon resident.
  5. Prayers for the safe landing of all passengers, crew and rescuers! 👏🏼
  6. On Jewel right now! She is a beautiful ship. Only on Day 2 of a 16 night Cruise but a couple of things I noticed. Staff in the dining room seem....rushed. Last night, at our first dinner, the staff didn’t take the time to introduce themselves, or tell us about their recommendations before taking our orders. MDR portion sizes are smaller than before but to me, that’s a good thing! The pool attendants ARE removing items from pool loungers after 30-40 minutes! Yes I timed them. This is a VERY good thing. The famous RC Roast Beef Sandwich is available at the solarium pool! It won’t be there every day but it will make a couple of appearances, the staff said. We are in a Junior Suite and there is more storage than 2 of us can use! We have cupboards we haven’t used yet.
  7. Hi all- just realized I won’t have time to get a mani/pedi before I leave home for my PC on Jewel! I will have 2 days in Miami before we board so wondering if I should get it done in Miami or on board. I know it will be cheaper getting it done before we board but have some serious sight seeing planned in Miami. Has anyone had a mani/pedi on board? Did it hold up? Thoughts?
  8. We ended up with 9532 on Jewel of the Seas, which has a very small Balcony. Then our RoyalUp was accepted and now in a Suite!
  9. Going to wade in here. We dress up for dinner when cruising. Hubby will wear his tux and I will wear a formal length gown on “formal nights” or whatever it’s called these day. Why? Because we live in a far northern town where opportunities to dress formally don’t happen very often and we actually like dressing up for each other. It’s not for anyone else but us. I won’t even notice (or care about ) whatever everyone else is wearing so wear what makes you comfortable. My eyes are going to be completely on my handsome partner of 30 years!
  10. Hi - we will be getting off the ship in San Diego and our flight home is at 5:30 PM. Has anyone rented a room just for the day? Looked at a couple of hotels but checkin is after 3 so won’t work for us. Called a couple of airport hotels to see if we could get an early checkin but they all said not possible. Any recommendations? Our fall back will be to rent a car for the day but prefer to get a hotel room. **edited because predictive text is stupid**
  11. Emerald Lake is that tiny little lake to the left of the E in Emerald.
  12. According to the Miami port site, my Jewel Cruise departs from terminal B , and Empress departs from G but no one from A. Is that usual to leave A empty?
  13. Thank you, Suzy B. Enjoy your cruises! If you ever get back up this way, don’t hesitate to reach out if I can provide any information to plan your stay in Yukon. I am actually going on a Alaska cruise - on the Volendam! - in June. I have done the inside passage many time via the Alaska Marine Highway ferrie, I wanted to have the Alaska Cruie experience at least once. cgncruiser - if you notice, all the ships are arriving from and departing to Nassau. I put it down to either a security thing or laziness 😄!
  14. You were lucky. I booked a balcony guarantee in August 2018 and got my cabin assignment in mid December 2018 for my Feb 2019 sailing
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