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  1. I never actually checked the speeds as I never had any problems loading anything. No video buffering ever. I was really surprised to have that after what was said on CC.
  2. Was in a JS on Jewel and had the alcohol plus VOOM package. Internet speeds were absolutely amazing - everywhere on the ship.
  3. Just off the June 19th sailing of the Volendam. We arrived at the port about 11:50 AM and were in our stateroom, dropping off the carryon, by 12:20. There were 3 couples in our group and we boarded together. And this mornings disembarkation was even faster. We were in one on the last groups to depart - called us at 5 to 9 and we were on the other side of customs by 9:10 - I can’t believe how fast it went!
  4. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Yukon Suspension Bridge is, in fact, in Northern BC. Don’t want to take away from your experience, but in the interest of accuracy,wanted to point that out. signed ...a Third Generation Yukon resident.
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