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  1. Getting a little concerned about media reports that Southampton and other ports may be blockaded at Christmas. We are on a pre-Christmas Cunard cruise and would be very disappointed if it was cancelled given that we have had 4 cruises and 2 holidays cancelled in the last 18 months. How worried should we be?
  2. In the UK there is not the choice, it’s non refundable full stop. By using a US TA we can choose which option we prefer. We always choose refundable and inevitably still get a better deal and obc.
  3. That’s why we use an American TA for our Celebrity/Royal cruises. Deposit here is non refundable more or less right after booking although this might be different during current circumstances. Like many others our cruises were booked, rebooked and rebooked since the original reservation.
  4. Just checked the 3 cruises we have booked for April 2022 and the payment date has not changed from 90 days. As you say 17 weeks is way too early. We use a TA in the US and payment goes straight to the cruise operator and not the travel agent as it does here in the UK. We also have a Cunard cruise booked with a UK TA and final is 6 weeks.
  5. It’s just so great to have one of these cabins that we will love whichever one we have, I’m sure.
  6. I was on Victoria for my 70th. My TA ordered a cake which never appeared. We brought a bottle of Bollinger to dinner and our table mates all brought me birthday cards which they set out on the table. The wait staff ignored it all except to charge us £20 corkage for the champagne. So as others have said, don’t expect much.
  7. Just watched a YouTube video of cabin 8168 on the Radiance. Looks like a great balcony. We were not able to book this one for our cruise in 2023 but did get 8670. So on the deck plans these 2 cabins look to be the same size on opposite sides of the deck. Does anyone know if that is fact or just the way it appears.? Whatever the answer we are just so happy to get one of these great aft cabins.
  8. Firstly I am not familiar with Cunard hotel/flight arrangements but have used this on other cruise lines and have been successful in adding on extra days at the end of the cruise before flying home. It would be so much easier than Eurostar.
  9. We did this same cruise a few years ago and no, there is no opportunity for sightseeing if you use Cunard transfers. We stayed on the ship until around 1pm when coaches arrived to take us to the airport. You could ask if you could disembark earlier and make your own way to the airport.
  10. Queen Elizabeth in the Tyne this morning.
  11. We are cruising on 13th December and received an email from Cunard (and our TA) with details of their latest vaccination requirements. We are around 10 weeks out from sailing so enough time to make the necessary arrangements.
  12. I am trying to decide whether to purchase the coffee package, soft drinks package or both. Can anyone give me some idea of the cost of, say a latte or espresso. I’m trying to see if the package is worth taking if I only have a couple of coffees a day. Thanks
  13. It was Pfizer. I was told that uk folk would be getting that.
  14. We are on QE in December for 10 nights and we have 3 Gala nights.
  15. Having mine today. First 2 were AZ. I’ll let you know which one I have.
  16. Been there, done that Graham and it was nowhere near as bad as I had expected. The results are so worth the slight discomfort. Hope it all goes well.
  17. We have booked a 10 night cruise on the QE. We have only ever done short cruises on Cunard so not come across either red and gold or 20s theme nights and both are listed on our cruise. The other is black and white, no problem there and presumably the red and gold is similar. So my query really is for the 20s night. How many people dress up and would we feel out of place if we didn’t. No interest in eating In the buffet to avoid dressing up, we love dressing for dinner.
  18. Thanks for the heads up. Just booked. Cost £185 in December and even though we don’t need the full 15 nights parking it was still worth it. Parking was £125 so for an extra £60 we get b&b and transfers to the ship.
  19. We cancelled the Sky Princess on Nov 5th due to the restrictions on entering the US. We got the deposit back as an FCC. This was before final payment. Also discussed moving a cruise in 2022 to another date and we’re told that a £100 cancellation fee would apply. As another poster pointed out you need to be prepared for a long wait if you try and speak to Princess.
  20. We use both a UK and US agent. Always US for Celebrity as we have never been able to get a better deal here. I’ve contacted her to check for the 2 cruises we have booked.
  21. Am I right in thinking that this new 20% discount only applies to selected cruises or (wishful thinking) any Celebrity cruise in the next few months.
  22. The night we stayed it was £185 room only. At this point I have to say that we used Hilton Honours points but if we had paid the going rate we would have been very unhappy.
  23. They were not (unfortunately) Celebrity cruises and I’m pleased that they are still offering the service. We have taken several short hotel breaks and almost all of the, said that the room would not be serviced during our stay.
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