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  1. Booked through the casino department before, never had to pay for insurance until final payment. Of course that also means not covered until final payment, but then again what coverage do I need until then?
  2. This has got to be one of the most laughable hall of fame threads in the history of Cruise Critic. You'll be receiving (in theory) a full refund of what was paid for the cruise and for some reason still feel entitled to the $900 On Board Credit you were to receive. So in essence, you want a free $900 although you are paying zilch! 🤣 Who cares if your TA's commission is protected, what does this have to do with you? They still had to do the work to get you booked, and now have to do extra work now that the cruise is cancelled. Only makes sense Princess would still pay them.
  3. Sure - please let the IMO know your thoughts, I'm sure they are interested
  4. Trying to see where I said the problem on the Concordia was caused by the lack of muster, but failing to do so. What I did say was the requirement change from 24 hours to before sailing was "in light of the Costa Concordia disaster where ~700 newly boarded passengers had not yet attended a muster drill." The lack of muster for these passengers is called out in the accident report, and the IMO themselves state the change in muster process is "in the wake of the Costa Concordia incident." http://www.imo.org/en/MediaCentre/PressBriefings/Pages/54-msc-91-passenger.aspx#.Xqsv7ahKjRY
  5. Yea - will be interesting what the IMO thinks about an e-muster. They already recently tightened the SOLAS muster drill requirement from within 24 hours of embarkation to before (or immediately upon) departure in light of the Costa Concordia disaster where ~700 newly boarded passengers had not yet attended a muster drill. So not having passengers assemble would require modifications to SOLAS requirements. Should note that the Mustering and the Safety Briefing are 2 different activities in the eyes of SOLAS, although they can take place concurrently. For Muster passengers must ass
  6. Seems to me that like coronavirus the risk isn't limited to just Princess or cruising in general. Any entity that has your medical information could potentially be hacked, including your medical group, hospitals, insurance companies, etc etc etc.
  7. At least for Florida based ships: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22615-princess-plans-for-florida-fleet-anchorages-and-princess-cays-visits.html?fbclid=IwAR1H-kWo6pwLkC-PJ7H7s_P9LsWKcDYhHvmo0_OlXfsgAIZam3scwtTytSk
  8. Perhaps share the excursion(s) in question so those who might have taken them before can share their experiences.
  9. Correct, but on the Regal gelato isn't at the International Cafe, rather it's across the Piazza at the aptly named Gelato
  10. The Emerald has an International Cafe - perhaps you're thinking of Alfredo's (which Emerald doesn't have)
  11. This appears to be documents related to the Maritime Labour Convention from the International Labour Conference. Still not seeing anything related to a lawsuit Carnival Corporation lost where they have to follow US employment laws, nor can I find anything in regards to it doing a quick search on the internet.
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