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  1. LOL at everyone getting their panties in a bunch. This thread has turned into whether platinums were allowed into the lounge, into the lounge may be gone for everyone. 😄 By the way, a simple look at archive.org at Captain's Circle benefits from 2018 makes no mention of an evening lounge: https://web.archive.org/web/20180831175726/https://book.princess.com/captaincircle/membershipBenefits.page One person on here mentioned that platinums weren't allowed in, and it's not clear whether this was actually the case, they had a separate venue, or what.
  2. Trying to find where it says Princess will be switching over as the press release by CCL specifically mentions Carnival Cruise Line as the one switching to Pepsi as of January 2020: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/node/59476/pdf I know a mod commented on a thread elsewhere that there was a discussion about it affecting all CCL cruise lines, but they closed the thread after commenting without providing a link to this discussion. I wouldn't be surprised that sometime in the future all CCL lines make the switch, but as mentioned the press release only mentions Carnival Cruise Line. Makes no difference to me, I'll drink either but really prefer something in the 'adults only' beverage category instead 😄
  3. Cruiseline Formalwear is (was?) the formal wear rental company suggested by many cruise lines on their websites, including Princess, Carnival, Holland America, Disney, etc. I believe they are based in Miami and if I recall tailors on the ships can make any last minute alterations and/or provide missing pieces as needed. Never used them myself, but was cruising with a friend many years ago who did use their services.
  4. I find it odd that if they were just "down for maintenance" that they wouldn't have any type of contact info listed on their website. For what it's worth their phone number is 800-551-5091 or 305-252-8572. Edit: I see you tried calling already so you can disregard (although I'll leave the number here in case other's wanted to try 🙂 )
  5. I stand corrected - I took another gander at my photos and it's actually the Bengal Bar, not lounge. Anyways I did find a small picture of the bar about half way down on this page: https://www.shipparade.com/cruise_ship_reviews/Princess_Cruises/Regal_Princess/Regal_Princess_Ship_Tour.htm Found an old review of mine on CC, but unfortunately the link to the pictures is no longer working
  6. Oh yes - the Bengal Lounge! I did a quick look through some old pictures but couldn't find one of the interior, only one of the window with the name on it. I know I must have an interior picture somewhere...
  7. Here is one of Scott Singer's videos on the Royal in a deluxe balcony cabin with the sofabed opened (as well as the pulldown bed opened) if it helps: https://youtu.be/BLIU9fmtArk?list=PLL5x1PdrKflRnvHPindDJZdW1rGpc5CgW&t=952 Link is queued up to the part of the video where the beds are visible
  8. Because that's not how it works in the real world for most people. Not everyone has the $$$ laying around to purchase higher level accommodation at full price, or perhaps they just don't feel paying the full price for better accommodations is worth it. So if offered better accommodations at a reduced price it might now be within their budget, or what they perceive to be worth the cost now. Much like many people would like to fly first class but don't have the money budgeted to do so. However if the airline were to offer them a discount to do so, it might now be within their means.
  9. Cooooooool - we have several sets of these stashed away somewhere as well, although I don't think we have all the dessert menus. We have many of the old lunch menus as well.
  10. LMAO - yea, you'll show them! 🤣 You seem miserable sailing on Princess, why do you continue?
  11. Try downloading the MedallionClass app instead?
  12. I think I've only ever seen that yellow banner appear a few times, but there should be a "Flight Quotes" option in the menu shown above the cruise map.
  13. They posted near the end of last week that it would be available later this week so I guess we'll see!
  14. Not cruising until November, but thought I'd get a sneak peek of the apps. Was able to login to OceanReady and was able to link my upcoming cruise. Was also able to create a Tagalong in the PlayOcean app. 2 problems I've run into so far: OceanNow is not showing my cruise countdown. It actually worked the first time I tried it, but seems like after I linked the cruise in OceanReady it disappeared. Tried linking to it in the app itself but alas, still no countdown. Not a big deal, more of a curiosity. Can't install OceanCompass on my phone (android.) It downloads, then gives an error: "Can't install OceanCompass, try again and if it still doesn't work..." Tried what was suggested and more (clearing various caches, rebooting, etc etc etc) to no avail - can instal other apps still, just not this one. Installs on my tablet and my wife's phone (same model as mine.) Anyhow was wondering if others had similar issues and how they resolved them. I have plenty of time to figure it out or give them a call but thought I'd throw it out here first.
  15. Why would you think that, especially after Carnival Corporation had terminal 2 at Port Everglades upgraded for the medallion experience? https://www.bermelloajamil.com/ocean-medallion-port-everglades-terminal-2/
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