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  1. 56 minutes ago, LucyR. said:

    Hello n6uggg, We cruisers have found loop holes in how to use our OBC credit. It is our secret but now it looks very public since you brought it up. We are told to not use obc for the Casino but sometimes there is nothing I want to buy on the ships so I use my obc at the Casino and cash out any money left over. Lets keep quiet about how we all use our OBC/onboardcredit.

    Lets change the subject.

    I hope some of you who have not bought CCL stock are going to buy some. Now is the time to buy if you want a great deal. I have been told for many years by many CCL stockholders to buy stock. I bought stock on April 7th and every morning I look forward to seeing it going up. Brings me joy since I love cruising on the Royal Princess ship. I am just waiting for the GOV. to give us Americans permission to cruise again.  I have already booked two cruises for December. I plan to book two more this year of 2020 if possible. HAPPY DAYS OF CRUISING WILL BE HERE SOON. YEA! LUCYR.


    Heck yeah I bought some. I got 100 shares @ 21.00 and also picked up 200 shares @ 8.30. I was supposed to be leaving 4/12 for my cruise but it cancelled. Haven't re booked but I still have a cruise in Nov going to Hawaii, fingers crossed it doesn't cancel. 

  2. 1 hour ago, tree.critter said:

    Opened Ameritrade account, going to buy if I can figure out how to work through this web site. Sheesh!  Going back up, need to figure this out soon!


     I also used TD Ameritrade for the first time yesterday to buy my CCL stock. After you set up your account and add your money, In the search box type CCL the enter. That will open up a page that says BUY / SELL. Click buy and a new box will open at the bottom, fill the area in and then your review your order and that's it.  Good luck. 

  3. I bought 100 shares today for 21.78 a share. First time ever buying stock, I wish I could say it was easy but they have a lot of options to choose from. But I somehow figured it out. Now we can just sit and wait for it to double, triple, etc... 🤑

  4. Hey guy it's been a while since ordering Carnival Gift Cards, I remember last time I bought them hearing if you bought over a certain amount you had to sign at delivery. Does anyone know what that amount is? I'm never home when delivery guy comes so I want to avoid that and just have them come to my mailbox. THX 

  5. I've never even thought of doing such. Many people you don't come in contact with get a percentage of the tip pool. Taking your tips off and saying you're going to hand them out personally just sounds like your trying to stiff them or you're so controlling that you want to be in charge of who gets what (impossible without leaving many out).   
    We had neighbors that we'd go out to dinner with that would always stiff the waiter or leave just a dollar. I and my husband would have to leave extra tip money to make up for our cheap neighbors. We no longer go out with them, they are an embarrassment. 
  6. I can easily gain ten pounds on a 7 day cruise. I don't eat or drink at home like I do when I'm on a cruise but it's still not a lot. It's mostly water weight and when I come home I lose the extra ten lbs pretty fast. My husband eats the same at home as he would  cruising and doesn't gain anything. He's one of the lucky ones that I'd like to punch in the face. 😂

  7. 3 minutes ago, kwokpot said:

    Yes. You are correct. It's very convenient and if you use a credit card that earns reward points to pay your room charges you'll get points on those casino charges


    Kwokpot,...The points are definitely a plus, but the convenience of not carrying around large amounts of money is so nice! We were on an NCL cruise where we overheard a couple talking to security about a missing wallet with 5,000 dollars in it. Not a good way to start out your cruise. 

    2 minutes ago, urbanhawk said:

    Yes, it is. I know too well! Be careful. You should see some of the casino offers I receive, from a "mistake-in judgement", I made a few years ago.



    Urbanhawk,... This cruise we have coming up is from a casino offer. We've been on lots of cruises (platinum NCL), (Gold Carnival), and we've never done a casino offer before now. NOT having to tote around cash will also be a first! 🙂 

  8. Getting ready to go on a Carnival cruise, Usually I take large amounts of cash to play at the casino. I read somewhere that you can charge slot play to your room,  then pay the bill at the end of the trip with your credit card with no fee attached? Is this information correct? TIA 

  9. I booked a Premier cruise yesterday that leaves out in like three weeks from (Charleston) and when I printed my Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags, nothing on there states priority or premier. It just looks like regular old documents. Maybe I should call and ask what's up with that? 

  10. This is the first cruise that we opted for NCL to book our international flights. Well wouldn't you know the company (ALITALIA) that we are booked with is in the middle of Bankruptcy and have numerous complains #1 being lost luggage. #2 plane comfort and #3 cancelled flights.


    What I'd like to know is- Experiences letting NCL book your flights (especially international flights). Did it go smoothly and would you do it again.


    I'd like to know if anyone has flown ALITALIA recently and what is your opinion of this company. TIA

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