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  1. All my grandkids want to do in December is find some sea shells, anyone know what the best beach to find some would be. Went last year but it rained the whole day and we could not go. Any help would make a 5 and7 year old very happy. Thanks in advance.
  2. what the shows were and do they have the Guys burgers and the bbq. THANKS.
  3. Going on our 50th cruise in February, we will have $1700 on board credit. Probably won't spend that much,, wondering if we have a balance that we don't use, can we cash out the balance at the casino the last night.
  4. Just decided to take a short 4 day cruise and was wondering if they still have the captains cocktail party on the 4 days cruises. Hope so because that is one of the highlites of the cruise for us. THANKS.
  5. Anyone know if you can buy sprite zero on the ship. We normally bring it with us but thought it might be easier to buy it on the ship' THANKS
  6. Think I have heard that there is one side of the ship that is preferable when going through the canal. Is this true and if so, which side is it. THANKS.
  7. My wife and I are diamond but we have a friend is getting close to 70 days and was wondering how many days till you become platinum. THANKS.
  8. Does Triumph have a steakhouse or a specialty restaurant? Thanks.
  9. Does the Triumph have a steakhouse or any other specialty restaurants? Thanks.
  10. 88 cruises, many to Cozumel and we missed it once because of weather. They took us to VeraCruz which is NOT s regular port and we had a great time. Very doubtful that you will miss Cozumel. Have a great cruise.
  11. Just wondering what the shows in the main lounge every night and who the the cruise director is . Thanks
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