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  1. We are also concerned but still intend to continue with our travel plans. We leave for Australia on March 14 and board Ruby Princess in Sydney on March 21 for their Fiji cruise. We know that some of the ports on our itinerary are not allowing the ships in right now but feel that Princess will adjust the itinerary if the ports are still closed. After that cruise and a few days in Sydney we are joining the Golden Princess for the trans-Pacific to Los Angeles. We are aware that we could hit problems at anywhere on the itineraries, but so far Australia looks safe and after 18 months of planning we are reluctant to cancel unless the situation begins to look really dangerous. I'm certain that Princess does not want another ship quarantined and will do everything they can to avoid ports where the virus is active. No travel is 100% safe so you just have to decide what risk you are willing to take.
  2. Does anyone know if the older ships have an outlet under the bed? We will be on the Ruby and the Golden soon and DH uses a CPAP machine.
  3. I faxed my request in 2 weeks ago and it was on my reservations in about an hour.
  4. I have also been monitoring the various port closings and am quite concerned what it will mean for our upcoming cruises out of Sydney: March 21- 14 day Fiji cruise and April 8 - Trans-Pacific cruise from Sydney to LA with multiple stops in New Zealand and the South Pacific, including Samoa. At the moment I have no intention of cancelling either cruise and trust that Princess will change the itineraries if necessary to avoid port closings. We will be disappointed if the itinerary has to be changed but not nearly so disappointed as if the cruises were cancelled as these were planned over a year ago. The worst-case scenario, of course, would be to be quarantined, and I think Princess would avoid this happening again at all costs. The situation on the Diamond has got to be as much of a nightmare for the crew and cruise line as it is for the passengers. It's a very stressful situation for all involved. As for the US to Hawaii cruise, I wouldn't be concerned at all. There may be some additional screening required to board, but the chances of being exposed to the coronavirus are very small.
  5. Keep in mind that the bus and train stations are not close to the cruise terminal in Southampton. You would need to factor in a taxi from the cruise port to the station. We cruised both into and out of Southampton last summer and used the National Express bus to and from London, but if you hit traffic it can be a slow trip. If I were on a tight schedule I'd book the ship's transfer to the airport, definitely not the least expensive but most likely to get you off the ship quickly.
  6. You should have no trouble rebooking to a different cruise. We did this about a month before our final payment was due and everything transferred except the perks we had received for early booking on the cruise we cancelled. If you booked through a travel agent, they will need to handle the rebooking for you.
  7. Anyone there lately? Will be there last week of January. How was the water at the beach as well as at the pool?
  8. We also love Princess Cays. Easy walk from tender to the beach with lots of loungers. Large food area with a lunch buffet. Bars, cabanas, whatever you want for your perfect beach day!
  9. Glad to hear there are outlets behind the bed because my husband uses a CPAP and was hoping he wouldn't need to extension cord it to the desk outlet. We will be in a mini-suite so don't know if the outlets are different from other cabins.
  10. Today we got an upgrade from a balcony to a mini-suite for our 29-day trans-Pacific cruise in April! Yesterday was final payment day so the upgrade fairy was much earlier than we expected. I had been monitoring the prices for a drop because there were still a lot of empty cabins on the ship and thought I might get a chance to upgrade myself, but Princess took care of it for us. By the way, we are Elite so the upgrades don't always go to newbies.
  11. I haven't tried, but I think you can't use it in the casino.
  12. Do the drink packages on MSC include gratuities? If not, is a gratuity added to your onboard account for each drink you order or do they add a gratuity to the cost of the package?
  13. NCL does not allow either bottled or canned beverages. The only thing allowed is one bottle of wine per person.
  14. You can sit anywhere in the area of the piazza--if you can find a seat. It is always a very busy area of the ship. The food is very good; my favorite for lunch is the chicken & apple salad. If we can't find a seat we sometimes get lunch from the international café and take it back to the cabin and sit on the balcony with a drink from the mini-fridge. Sooo nice!
  15. Could somebody who has a medallion measure the diameter of it so we will know in what size opening it will fit?
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