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  1. Hi All, My family and I are taking an Alaskan Cruisetour ,(#15), through HAL July '07 leaving from Vancouver. We have booked airfare through them, as well, originating and finishing in Boston. We did this back in August, '06. What have been your experiences booking air through HAL? This is a major trip from Boston to Vancouver, then from Fairbanks to Boston. I have checked on-line air sources, and the costs are not very different from HAL. We have paid $820 pp for the airfare. What I am most concerned about is HAL's ability to schedule good flights. Your opinions? Thanks!
  2. Columbia

    Glacier Floatplane or Helicopter?

    Thanks for the reply Budget Queen. We will be with him, and I know he will love it. We're going!
  3. Columbia

    Glacier Floatplane or Helicopter?

    Hi All, My Dad, who is 80 and has some general health issues but is completely mobile and independent, wants to see the glaciers. He does have some history with falling. We will be in Alaska July '07 and are trying to decide between a glacier viewing floatplane or helicopter landing tour in Juneau. I hear the heli-landing is out of this world, and I know he'd love it, but I am worried that the footing will not be suitable for him. What do you think?
  4. Hello All, DH and I are cruising to Alaska in July, '07 with my parents on the Statendam-Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Seward, then overland for 5 days. It's our 20th anniversary and Dad's 80th birthday. I have been lurking here with you for some time, and have learned a tremendous amount. Thank you, but I still have a few questions: Do I need to be concerned with tendering or does HAL dock at the above ports? Do I need to be concerned with priority disembarking if we don't book excursions with HAL? How much time should I leave to get off the ship in ports? Are there certain excursions that we should book through HAL vs independents? I've read that the cruise ship excursions are bloated $$wise and passenger-wise, but other say certain parts of excursions are restricted to those on cruise line excursions? Your thoughts?