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  1. Perhaps a glimmer of hope, or a great TA and Seabourn relationship. We have, today, just received notification that our bookings of tours with Seabourn for the August 1, Barcelona to Monte Carlo, have been processed for full refund. "Quote: Thank you for choosing Seabourn. Cancellation of your cruise reservation has resulted in the cancellation and refund for the following purchases" List all our tours plus prices paid via our respective credit cards. This result was after only a six week wait, not too bad. We await confirmation of our actual cruise costs, the big bucks. Joe 😎😎
  2. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/canceled-cruise-refund-how-long/ Perhaps this take might shed some light on the total cruise industry dilemma, not just Seabourn. Hope you receive your refund within the anticipated time frame.
  3. Perhaps I should have clarified that we are, like so many other cruisers, subject to a waiting period for our refund, and a sizeable one at that, hence the reason for my post. However, that, IMHO, is of a secondary nature given the current dilemma throughout the world with this virus. Your reference that this forum is only about our refunds is somewhat redundant, as the base subject goes off on many tangents, from publications about the fortunes of not only Carnival, the parent company to other worldly cruise lines and their rational. We have all, possibly, been advised by our TA's or Seabourn directly that the rule of thumb is between 60 - 90 days. In fact my only prior post on this subject of refunds was to advise that my own personal TA had advised me accordingly, which did appear to set of some alarms. As I made comment, would you like to have the chance to be in any of those affected shoes, hospitalized, nursing homes or on just a plain old steel gurney in a morgue. You cannot take money with you when we go and for sure there are no pockets in a shroud. Incidentally, the use of the word 'cool' in a sentence concerning a global epidemic is a poor taste of vocabulary.
  4. Thank you, in this day and age one can become inundated with requests for membership fees. Long gone are the days when one could peruse any and all daily newspapers.😂😂
  5. OK, I need to have a rant. This is all about money. Yes, we all have made some form of investment in a company which, I can only assume, we have all benefited from in the past with fantastic service, exemplary employees, first class POC's and tours. And so, we find not only ourselves, but the whole cruise industry in distress. When will we get our refunds or FCC, that is the hue and cry from all within this Forum. What is the average out of pocket expense we have invested with our cruises in peril, $10K - $30K? What is the average age of fellow cruisers, 70 plus maybe, say 90%. Given those numbers are relevant, we find ourselves in the so called Golden Years, a time when we can afford to relax and choose our own destiny. We have the financial capabilities and we will spend as we see fit. So let us take a different view, we God willing, are all in decent health. Today this Covid-19 has impacted the lives of over 1,000,000 people worldwide, 100,000 deaths in the USA alone. Businesses, small and large, on the verge of bankruptcy, over 25 million workers in the USA now furloughed or layed off, unemployment figures which are just mind boggling. Those nest egg savings being diluted just to make ends meet for the average working families. Lock downs around the world, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany to name a few, and for the foreseeable future. So would you rather bleat about money, your health or your disposition. Folks, some of you may be hurting financially and we feel for you, but look in the mirror and say thank God we are not in any of their shoes. I could go on, but I will not. Suffice to say, "Patience is a virtue, obsessed by many, granted to few" Joe
  6. You are a great source of marketing for the WSJ, subscription required, I think not.
  7. Our TA advised they are looking at 8 - 12 weeks. On average 10.
  8. Our cruise was in the second window, August 1 - August 12 Barcelona to Monte Carlo. Having paid our deposit, and booked a number of tours we decided to cancel through our TA. Had we waited until April 4 they would have imposed a 15% cancellation fee of the gross amount of the cruise. However, we do have an excellent TA who immediately contacted SB to cancel. Received notification from Seabourn of our cancellation with no cancellation charges by them. We could not see this cruise being a go and didn't want to be on the hook for the balance due plus the inherent delay time in getting a refund, plus possible hassle. We did check to see if they offered a similar cruise next year, they do, modified and not as appealing . Oh the shock, the going price had been jacked up to $8999 pp, as opposed to our current base price of $5254 pp. No doubt that is what their crystal ball is hoping for, next year these prices will plummet as will all cruise line prices. Stay safe everybody, there are a lot more deadly things going on in this big bad world than second guessing the cruise industry. 😎😎
  9. An excellent response to an awful dilemma, and that is just in the Seattle area. One has to keep this in mind instead of bleating about how the lack of responses are from the Seabourn employees. We are all safe and snug perhaps in our own self imposed lockdown, with time to kill on our hands, hence the heavy responses on CC. Try siting at home with multiple phones ringing from all over the world, well at least from within the USA and wondering how do we, possibly as a family, survive another two weeks or more. End of my soap box, comments. Oh and incidentally we have a considerable investment in cruises which we see as a no go.
  10. We are still in a wait mode and we leave from Barcelona August 1. Scary times, stay healthy.
  11. We all knew this was coming, but I feel for those who have perhaps waited so long to partake of a Seabourn cruise. One thing I noticed is that additional expenses, air, insurance etc., are not noted in their response?
  12. MJN1, We have finally booked a private tour with Tangier Excursions. The tour will pretty much mirror image your tour, exception being 09:00 - 16:00. Must admit they have some great reviews on TA and on their website, plus I had requested some specific foods in mind for lunch and they have us accommodated. Even gave me the name of the restaurant. Again, thank you for your much needed input.
  13. Anybody know if Roger is still a manager at the Pinnacle. Loved this guy from our Prinsendam days.
  14. MJN1, thank you so much for this valuable itinerary. We at least have some ideas and I have reviewed a number of You Tube videos plus the feedback from a possible tour company so now I can ask the questions as to structuring a tour incorporating both your tour and our own choices. I like the idea of getting the furthest POI's done first and then switching to Old Town for a special lunch. Will look forward to seeing Tangier.
  15. Thank you Flamin_June, The usual locals trying to make a living, so typical wherever we sail to. We often try this source after I have done my homework on the taxi scenes, or, just go with a private tour. It is looking more like we will use Tangier Excursions with us doing the route. They have been very responsive to my questions and on TA they have a very solid excellent rating. A lassie from Lancashire? Where about? If I use an acronym you will guess my original home town YNWA. Joe 😎😎
  16. Thank you MJN1, We will be docking in Tangier also. Who did you do your private tour with? How long was the tour did you do the old town walking on your own? Joe
  17. Although we have sailed on a number of SB cruises we will visit several new ports with the Encore in August 2020 Barcelona to Monte Carlo. Need any and all input for Tangier, Melilla Spanish Morocco and Cartagena, Spain. All other POC’s we have visited. Will spend a few extra days prior in Barca, back end is loaded with Switzerland. Appreciate your valued input. Joe 😎😎
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