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  1. I cancelled my October cruise 3/31/2020. Initially I was told that I would receive a refund in 30 days...then it was 60 days. At 60 days I was told that by a Princess Rep that they could not give me an expected date for my refund. I then filed a dispute with my credit card company. I received my refund within 2 weeks of filing my dispute.
  2. I cancelled my October cruise and was told to expect a refund in thirty days. At the thirty day mark, I was told that the refund period had been extended to 60 days. I called Princess Cruises after 61 days and was told that there is no estimated time frame to return my refund. Princess has since cancelled the cruise. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and will let them deal with Princess.
  3. This topic is making me smile. It is nice to read upbeat, positive posts during a difficult time for cruisers and Princess staff.
  4. I was in an aft suite on the Island back in 2016. It was one the suites that had been added in dry dock. There was quite a bit of vibration.
  5. I was also on the Grand in October 2019. I had low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. The only area where I really felt letdown was the spa. I much prefer the Enclave on the newer ships to the facilities offered on the Grand.
  6. My favorite suite perks are the breakfast in the Crown Grill, free speciality dining the first night and having access to the dining room menu via room service. I found the steam room on the Grand to be empty everty time I went to use it.
  7. On my last cruise I did not receive a special offer for Platinum/Elite guests when I initially logged in. There was no offer of a discounted rate on the unlimited plan. The Internet manager knew nothing about a discounted rate. This was on the Grand. The internet was awful so I ended up not using it.
  8. If you remember, can you post your experiences of this hotel & the Financial District after your return? I also like the proximity of this hotel to various sights that I want to see. I am also sailing out of Brooklyn.
  9. Thanks for posting this question. I am also trying to decide where to stay pre cruise. I am considering the Millenium Hilton NY Downtown. I personally like the idea of being downtown.
  10. I have also never had a really great CD. Most of the time I try to ignore them because I find them irritating. I am apparently in the minority.
  11. I don't send anything that is delicate or could possibly shrink. Although I have been told that the laundry would be returned the same day, on my last two cruises it has taken 48 hours to receive the clean laundry back. On my cruise on the Grand in October, I overheard another suite passenger asking our room steward the afternoon before disembarkation when her laundry would be returned. I hope that she got it back.
  12. Not necessarily...Gen X and Millennial cruisers may not have the same tastes in activities/entertainment that Baby Boomers have. Currently, the activities/entertainment that Princess offers definitely appeals to an older crowd. MedallionNet is a step in Princess attracting a broader, younger clientele.
  13. Princess may have done something right in the past to attract the clientele. They are going to have to continue to adapt to attract new customers. Many of the current loyal passengers are senior citizens. Princess will need to find a way to become more attractive to multi generational groups and younger passengers.
  14. There was no charge for this area. The cabanas were all occupied by 6:00 am on my cruise (March/April 2019). Tables with chairs were available throughout the day Unfortunately, the TVs were not functional in the cabanas. I would have preferred to pay for the cabana in the Hollywood Conservatory & had some amenities.
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