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  1. On our last cruise, the only available time interfered with sail away. We were allowed to switch our reservation to another night.
  2. I am sorry to see your photo & hope that the problem is being fixed. May I ask on what deck/section of the ship is this leak occurring? I will be on the Grand in October, also in a suite.
  3. I thought that there was also a book club? I am hoping that it will be available on my upcoming cruise in October. I know that I am in the minority but I get tired of trivia.

    Let Mer

    I ate once at Le Mer on the Majestic. It was Ok. Service was good but the food was not something I would choose again. I am hoping that the location on the Sky will offer a little more privacy. I chose an early reservation time and still heard quite a bit of noise from the Piazza.
  5. I am so sorry to hear that! How stressful to have a cruise changed.
  6. My husband and I spent 19 days on the Majestic Princess March/April 2019. I suggest that you read the reviews of this ship here on cruisecritic.com. This ship was intended for the Chinese market and differs somewhat from other Princess ships. Personally, I really enjoyed the buffet, Enclave and the Hollywood Conservatory on board the Majestic. I wasn't as thrilled with the shops and piano bar.
  7. I thought the Pacific Princess is going to now be based in Australia? This size ship is my least favorite. I prefer a ship with Anytime Dining and more amenities.
  8. If you are booking an aft suite, you may want to consider one near the VIP/Concierge lounge. My husband and I ended up using the one on the Majestic Princess quite a bit.
  9. I am in the minority but I like the idea of reserving a seat. It would mean that I wouldn't have to arrive so early for a show
  10. Yup. It is being advertised as a water park...not sure I agree with the description, but it might point to what type of demographic they are trying to attract.
  11. I have been cruising on Princess since 2006. I am not sure if they are cutting back or just shifting where they spend their $. It seems that they are moving in the direction to attract younger cruisers and multi generational groups. Princess is spending their money on a new water park and Ocean Medallion.
  12. My cruise also went up $80 per person for 10 nights. I am very happy & grateful that sip & sail info was posted on cruise critic.
  13. My husband and i stayed in an aft suite on the Island back in September 2016. Sorry but I don't remember the cabin number. It was one of the ones that were added. My only complaint with the suite was the constant vibration. For that reason only, I probably wouldn't choose to book an aft suite on this particular ship again. I had no problems with the ship in general, but I was never on it prior to the additional cabins being added.
  14. I was recently in an aft PH suite on the Majestic. The room steward cleaned the deck & furniture (table/chairs/loungers) daily. The balcony was totally usable.
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