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  1. OK! I didn't really want to go on a cruise for December anyway!!! I was just pretending too!
  2. My email has already hit my inbox. Looking at a road trip for our anniversary, oh well, it's still 34 years.
  3. Just received final payment to my CC for flight and port taxes for cruise that was scheduled for 21Appril. Received FCC about 2 months ago. Patience was a virtue.
  4. Our cruise was for 21 April. We have received our FCC but not port taxes or flight
  5. I applaud him for stepping up and telling it exactly like it is. Unfortunately right now, nobody knows. In addition, I appreciate the fact that he has stated that August cruises are not set in stone which should offset all the criticism should they be canceled.
  6. Vista 29 August 2020 out of Galveston providing earlier August cruises go well
  7. I have a late August cruise out of Galveston. Asked DH if he was willing to wear a mask if necessary. Surprisingly he said yes. It would be foolish not to expect changes but modifying the buffet would be the best thing to happen to cruise lines. However, if there is one case of COVID on any ship prior to our sailing I will be the first to cancel.
  8. Can't even begin to say! It could depend on how the scheduled August cruises go. However, I recommend if you hear of one case of COVID on any of those cruises, cancel immediately. I am scheduled our of Galveston on 29 August and am skeptical that it will happen. There are too many variables to even make a guess.
  9. Booked on this cruise also. Just started a role call.
  10. I booked a cruise for next year also and my pvp said the FCC can be applied when it is posted. However, I was required to put a DP on it.
  11. Why, shucks guys, has and is Florida sending home all the sick people who are not residents of Florida or even of our great nation?? I am ashamed to say I was raised in Florida after following this post since day 1! I am retired in east Texas now, over 70, bring them to Galveston and we will take care of them. Texas Strong.
  12. We are on the same cruise as NCTribe. We have no doubt that our cruise will be cancelled but HAL has asked those outside the current 30 days to be patient to allow them to clear this up. Then, I expect them to do the next 30 and so on. Normally I am not a patient person but this is not something anyone could have predicted and they are all handling it as best they can. I bet if I was to call my PVP at Carnival, who has booked many cruises for me would not give me an immediate answer and I have a cruise scheduled with her in August. Patience, lets give them a chance to handle the situation
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