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  1. Tammie1970

    omg 25 more days!!!

    I wanna do the docs dance!!! I still haven't received my docs yet. TA says 2-3 weeks before departure..not that far off. I just seen a pic of a yummy lobster tail on another thread...now I am not only breathless with anticipation, I am also drooling for lobster. :D
  2. Tammie1970

    omg 25 more days!!!

    thanks i found it..hope to see ya there.:cool:
  3. Tammie1970

    omg 25 more days!!!

    [quote name='keywest22']We are going on the glory on October 14th as well- you should check out our roll call! :) 25 days and time seems to be standing still!! Kim:D[/quote] How do I check out the roll call?
  4. Tammie1970

    omg 25 more days!!!

    I am so excited!! We are leaving on the Glory on October 14th. How am I going to make these next 25 days pass quickly? I have all our clothing ready, lists made for last minute items to purchased at good ole Wal-Mart (yes I said Wal-Mart), back up babysitters in place for the kiddies, I have read almost every post on here, appointments are made to get my hair and nails done. What is there left to do besides wait? How do you all stand it? Geez, I am going crazy waiting!:eek:
  5. Tammie1970


    yeah..thats what i meant..norovirus...sorry!!! was thinking it was like the flu, too early to type straight, lol.
  6. Tammie1970


    one of the threads mentioned novoflu. what is this??? is it something to be concerned about and is there anything to prevent it?
  7. Tammie1970

    Fun Fountain Card and Bottled Water???? HELP!!

    Can you really carry on your own soda and if so how much can I take along? A 12 pack?
  8. Tammie1970

    Dry Cleaners

    Is dry cleaning available on Carnival Glory?
  9. Tammie1970

    New, have a couple of ??

    Thanks for your replies, we most likely won't use walkie talkies. Hadn't really thought about how annoying they might be to fellow passengers, glad you all pointed that out. Hubby wants to know how much a bottle of beer costs. He heard that one bottle costs $5??? Hope that's incorrect! Thanks again.
  10. Tammie1970

    New, have a couple of ??

    My husband and I are going on our first cruise together in October. We will be sailing on Glory. Another couple will be cruising with us. We thought about bringing along walkie-talkies to keep up with the other couple. Are we allowed to bring the walkie-talkies and will they function on the ship? Also, we were curious about the price of adult beverages on the cruise, which I am assuming will be expensive. Hope someone can help answer our questions. Thank you all in advance.:)