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  1. I also drink a good deal of water and the Vero water is as good or better than the bottled water previously supplied. My last cruise, January 2020 there was still bottled water available so you could take one ashore. Two brands were offered at different times. One was undrinkable, IMO. While the Vero was always good and since my SO likes sparkling water and you can get the Vero version of that, Vero for the win.
  2. I am curious, if you renew early and don't wait until the month or two prior to your expiration date, does that shorten the 5 years on your renewal? My understanding is you can renew anytime in the year prior and I thought about doing it at 11 months just to make sure it happens in time. But I'm not sure if doing that would shorten my 5 years.
  3. Both times I took a B2B I got both, a discount and two credits.
  4. Yes, I am fully aware that a 7 day cruise and a 24 day cruise count as one credit under Oceania's (badly designed) rules. However, you pay one deposit for those short or long cruises. Robjame is booking a B2B, or combined cruise, or whatever marketing gobbledygook you want to call it that is 17 days long. If Oceania is classifying it as one 17 day cruise to only receive one cruise credit then he should only have to pay one deposit. If they want two deposits, then it is not really one cruise and the credit should reflect that.
  5. Something is messed up if you have to pay two deposits but don't get two cruise credits.
  6. You can get on a waitlist without a deposit. However, those who put down a deposit have priority over those who do not put any money down so the odds are not very good to actually getting a cabin if you don't have any money in the game. And the cruise line is Oceania not Oceanic.
  7. We also did a similar excursion, except we hiked the entire day. Walking along the glacier lake, some even jumped in because it was a very warm day, was wonderful. By the time we got to Geiranger the other cruises ship had already left so there were just a few people in the normally mobbed town. It was expensive as we had to use Oceania's expensive excursion but worth it, IMO
  8. I canceled that cruise a little while back. I received my deposit back within the week. Don't post that you canceled on the roll call though, one of the members is quite touchy about that. I actually hope that it goes. If I bailed needlessly, that is okay with me. I wish a good trip for all.
  9. I live with three international airports within 35 miles of each other. Prices vary widely. Trying to make sense of airline pricing logic is a losing game.
  10. My cruises all went up most $100, but one was $300. And that one is completely waitlisted.
  11. I too have seen Field of Dreams. 🙂
  12. Do you have any link to verify this date? That was last month. I don't recall any posting when that was happening and that is typical of this board.
  13. KS&JW


    Segments of the ATW are often unusual and/or only offered once so quickly sell out.
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