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  1. If he really needs to be on the internet for a few hours every couple of days then it could easily be an issue. We travel a fair amount, not so much on cruises, but we are only able to do this because DH has the ability to deal with business obligations by having good internet. Our Norway cruise this summer we ended up using the free internet at the port terminal on more than one occasion. This was fine for exchanging emails and making a Skype call or two. However, processing payroll would require a higher level of security than you can expect on a public open internet connection. Sadly, Oceania is aware they have bad internet and it is not a priority of theirs to fix it. Many guess as to the reasons, but they are just guesses.
  2. The is a good amount of space under the porthole for storage. We used it for wet things, like our snorkeling gear. We have been in these cabins once and found them to be okay. They are darker due to the small window. . However, on the plus side, they are very quiet. They can only be accessed by one set of stairs so there is no through traffic making these dozen or so cabins extremely quiet.
  3. Yes, I received two air credits. Not sure why you are so hung up on others referring to something as a B2B. Oceania may have their own internal verbiage, but most people know what a B2B is and will continue to call it by the industry wide term. I have CCC TA. I think she knows what she is doing. Yes, I wanted the two cruise credits. Like you, I was also able to take advantage of one of the cruises going down in price because I had two numbers. My TA told me about the lower price and just sent me an invoice with the reduced cost. I initiated nothing. I, like ORV, am loyal to my TA.
  4. I received a 5% discount for booking both and I also receive two cruise credits. So no OOPS!.
  5. I am going on a B2B in January with two separate booking numbers. I have no status, so nobody did me a favor. I have already made two final payments, so it is a done deal.
  6. I would never go to a M&G if this was standard. It always takes forever if everyone has a turn at the mic. These are often held after life boat drill and before dinner so there is only an hour for those who have early dinner reservations. I prefer to mingle and you can't do that if a mic is being passed around.
  7. I have one of those bright blue ones and that center divider makes the bag unusable, for me anyway. Since it is so thin is does not 'divide' well and just gets in the way and makes the bag seem smaller. I tried putting a beach towel in it and it was an exercise in frustration. I should use a pair of scissors to take it out and make it one large space.
  8. It has been a while, so I my memory is not fresh. However, I believe the app was "NT tickets" or "NT billet"
  9. There is a bottle of Vero water in your cabin. It is refreshed each day, more if you need it. Just ask the room attendant. My DH prefers sparking water, so we had a fresh bottle of still and one of sparkling with every room cleaning. You do not carry the bottle around. It is rather large and heavy glass. We did not drink directly from the bottle, but filled out water glasses from this larger bottle. When eating, your water glass will be filled with water from Vero water bottles versus the water pitcher they used to use. The bottles in the rooms are cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. I saw them delivering them to the crew service area. I assume they are filled there as well.
  10. If you cruise a couple months a year then menu repeating is a bigger deal. However, generally we only cruise once a year, if that. We mostly take land based vacations. Repeating the menu is less of a concern for us. If less food waste means the price of the cruise does not increase as fast, then I am okay with that trade off. Does anyone know the % of cruisers on the average cruise that have been on an Oceania ship for one 30 days or more per year? I suspect that those who cruise a lot are more represented on this board than those who cruise 12 days per year.
  11. I know you did not ask me specifically, but in the interest of gathering more data points on this whole B2B issue, I have a B2B in January 2020 that I booked in June 2019. It is still two segments.
  12. They come when you are at dinner. You will not be bothered unless you skip dinner.
  13. If you hang up the towels they will not replace them. Those towels we wanted refreshed we placed on the floor or in the tub. They do different things in the evening 'cleaning' This cleaning is when you get the currents or anything else that is distributed to the cabins.
  14. The Vero water bottles in the room are glass not plastic and are washed in a commercial dishwasher between uses.
  15. There is already a night light in the bathroom. So the outlet is live, but you don't need to bring a light
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