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    credit card or cash

    As far as "deals" go, that is allways in the eye of the person doing the purchase. If you are paying with US currency, then you know what that represents and are then able to better determine if it's an actual deal or not. Unless of course you know what the exchange rate is at that moment, then you could convert it to what it'd be in US. Also you should read into whether or not there are charges for this, as a lot of credit cards do.
  2. raith76

    Favorite To See in St.Martin/Maarten

    We are going to be on the same sailing as you. We have booked the Lord Sheffield Pirate Ship excursion. It includes drinks, snacks, food, BBQ lunch on the way back, snorkeling, and a lot of people seem to have enjoyed it. Here is a couple of links for it. http://www.stmaarten-shoretrips.com/lordsheffield/ http://www.shoretrips.com/common/search4.asp?rcode=CAR&lcode=SXM&tcode=008068
  3. raith76

    Texas Roadhouse...

    The one, here, is really enjoyable because of the peanuts, great rolls, and the wait staff does a line dance once an hour............. The bad thing is that we need one or two more here. There is allways a 3-4 hour waiting list.
  4. We will be in that port the same day. We are going on the lord Sheffield, but can't say from personal experience which is best. This one seemd to be the one that would suit us best.
  5. raith76


    It depends on the price range. We have made bags of candy out of toule with Jordan almonds in them. Then we attached a card we made with our names and date on one side, and the following peom on the other: Jordan Almonds for Thee Five sugared almonds for the guest to eat To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet. Five wishesfoe the new husband and wife- Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life! Everything for these set us back about $80-$100 for 125 of them, including the M&M's and jelly beans we put in with them. We bought the Jordan Almonds from www.jordanalmonds.com . Prices are decent, many colors to choose from, and they are fresh when you get them. We are also thinking of giving out wallet sized picture frames, and a note in the frame stating that we will be sending them a picture to fit the frame, for our guets. The frames can be gotten for fairly cheaply. The pictures, for us, won't be that much. The postage shouldn't be too bad, as we would send the wallets out with the thank you cards we send out. Hope this helps.
  6. We are thinking of renting a car while on SXM, and are wondering how much time it takes to get around on the island. I've read that traffic can be attrocious (sp?) and it can take a while to travel even a mile. I figured that some whom have rented a car before could chime in with any hints, tips, recomendations.......