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  1. Looks like a lovely trip so far Dad. Pics of you and the Mrs please! See you when you get back- D
  2. 1010Transistor

    "LIVE" from Celebrity Silhouette - March 29, 2012

    I finally found your post! I thought you were sailing out of Baltimore. Ship is awesome! Great pics so far. A Radio reminder: sunscreen! Lol. Oh, and kid areas-just curious. See you back in MD soon-Dana
  3. Hey Dad, Looks like you are enjoying your vaca so far! The ship is very pretty. Don't forget sunblock! Looking forward to more pics, and videos too!
  4. I can confirm that she does! She likes reading Dad's posts and seeing all his pics.
  5. Wow! Good to see those stairs there going into the water at Chankanaab. Those were definitely NOT there when I was at the park several years back. It is really scary going into the water with the waves crashing on those rocks! I will def try snorkeling again if I make it back there. Great pics too dad. That one of the sunrise over Cozumel is a real keeper!
  6. Are those sandals I see on your balcony? Have you upgraded from socks and tennis shoes? Glad to see you are enjoying your vaca! Dont forget to ck out the kid area for me. Thx!!
  7. Boldly go where no one has gone before huh? Lol. Jealous of your cabana! Hook me up with one of those on the next cruise, K? ;)
  8. Hey Dad, Looks like you are living it up already and its only Monday! So is Dazzles the nightclub? I love love love that wine dispenser thing. Its too funny! What are the prices for it?? Also, what is that little sink by the tables at Giovannis? Is it like a real sink or a hand sanitizer unit thing? Enjoy your cabana in Haiti! Oh yeah, do you think you could get pics of the kid area? Just curious. -Dana
  9. Wow Dad! Your room looks really nice! The play areas at the kids pool looks awesome! Can hardly wait to take little Monroe there in a few years! He'll love playing in there with his Poppie! Have a great cruise.
  10. A 20 minute soak in the hot tub should fix your back right up. Take it easy out there dude and drink lots of water!
  11. 1010Transistor

    "LIVE" From Carnival Glory / June 14, 2010

    Your pictures are so pretty! Is it cold? It didn't look like many ppl were swimming. Seems like they are just in the hot tubs.
  12. 1010Transistor

    "LIVE" From Carnival Glory / June 14, 2010

    Hey Dad-Have a great trip! Your grandson would like a shirt that says something witty and canadian on it. ;-) Wish I was on this cruise. One of my life goals is to get to Nova Scotia and see the northern lights, and of course, see those whales!!
  13. Hey Dad! Great shots so far! The Oasis is sooooo awesome! I love the middle of the ship w/the Central Park area. You looked like a natural in the Capt's chair :) It seems like it's full of every fun activity I could think of: musicals, ziplining, boogie boarding! I really like how the solarium is high up and not near the regular pools. That way you don't get a lot of ppl passing through. Have fun in St. Thomas! (p.s. I think your grandbaby wants a St. Thomas onesie-he told me so this morning.)
  14. 1010Transistor

    "LIVE" from Norwegian SPIRIT / June 5, 2009

    Hey Dad! Glad to see you made it onboard! The ship seems pretty awesome so far. I really love how that hot tub is right on the back of the ship and you can look out over the water with an unobstructed view. I could totally use 30 minutes in there right about now! Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do! (In that case, you'll have a blast!)
  15. 1010Transistor

    "LIVE" from Carnival Victory / Aug 3, 2008

    Well Dad, it looks like you are a lucky lucky guy this week! Everywhere you have toured so far is beautiful! So the town crier was in a wheel chair! PLease tell me he said, "Here ye, here ye." Omg... Also, are those pediways heated & cooled? Just wondering. I am very surprised that you took a private taxi tour. You let someone else drive! :) Well travel on Dad. Enjoy!