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  1. model lady

    Port of Southampton

    If on Cunard they have transport from Heathrow to the dock arranged with Travel Agent. I used a Heathrow Hotel after flying from HK and they could pick up from there. A Fred Olsen cruise used National Bus, but was via the London terminal then to Southampton dock.
  2. model lady

    A different dining question for travelers ??

    Eat in the dining room, doesn't happen
  3. model lady

    Luggage Tag Question

    Yes. We only put them on just before we board, as the airlines aren't interested in them and being paper would highly likely not survive the flight. As previously mentioned they are only so that staff can get your bags to your cabin.
  4. It is another 4 weeks till we board, so will post our thoughts when we get back home in late August. A couple of days ago we went to a presentation by Lindblad and I think their experience is going to exceed our expectations. They have all the people and equipment for true exploration. Model lady
  5. We have not been with NG before, but have been on other 'non fun-in-the sun' cruises. We live in the sun, so want to see something else. Was reading through the itinerary again last night and it looks exciting. Main reason was seeing if there was anything exciting to do in Canada before we flew home, but think the cruise will have so much that anything straight on top of that will be a bit flat. Have been advised to rent a car in Edmonton and drive to Jasper, then take train to Vancouver and see Victoria. Does anyone else have any thoughts? Have been on the train from Vancouver to Toronto a few years back and also had a little time in Vancouver at the end of another cruise, but not been to Victoria. Model lady
  6. A few days more than us there and still interesting. Is it the same ship or did you find another ship to do all this on? Enjoy, and hope you see some bears. I am still waiting to see polar bear (or a grizzly) outside of a zoo! Model lady
  7. Hello, Just booked this one. Anyone else on this adventure yet?
  8. model lady

    Aussies who cruise

    Hello, Bev and now Lloyd here from Perth. We are booked on Veendam from Rio to Santiago via Antarctic Peninsula in December for Christmas/New Year. Been there by myself before, but some recent Qantas offerings were too good to pass up.
  9. model lady

    Greenland & Iceland Cruise

    Hi Freecall, thanks have received and replied to your pm. Anyone else out there coming on this exciting cruise ???? If so, please respond and freecall will advise of our 1st sea day m &g as I will be unable to see the boards after about 3 more hours.... takes a few days to get to Southampton from here and all the shops in HK beckon en route !!! Model lady
  10. model lady


    A matter of opinion!!! This side of the equator we feel the other way. I will be bringing my own Vegemite, as always. However it is really nice to know that there is some form of backup in case the vegemite runs out before the end of the cruise, heaven forbid.
  11. model lady


    This is handy info. for when the Vegemite runs out.... Model lady
  12. model lady

    Greenland & Iceland Cruise

    Hello Freecall, Notice that no-one else has come onto this roll call, so not many cc members sailing !!!!? Could we plan to meet in one of the lounges on the first sea day @ say 10.30 pm OR in case there is some good lecture on at that time, please provide your cabin no. to me by email btyoung at arach dot net dot au (that is with the @ and . where spelt out.) and we could catch up. I would happily provide my cabin no. but it is stated as TBA at this stage. Just got my tickets today in electronic version as a big packet that was sent from London to Sydney last week has gone missing and I fly out in about 50 hours time!!! Nothing like warming the bell. Look forward to catching up with you (and any other cc members) next week, Model lady
  13. model lady

    Greenland & Iceland Cruise

    Thanks for the reply. My travel agent has since advised that there will be a safe and a refrigerator in my room. Not that I am planning putting any valuables in the fridge!!!! Probably the drinks will be chilled sufficiently if left on the balcony on this voyage. Anyone else from Cruise Critic on this cruise? Model lady
  14. model lady

    Greenland & Iceland Cruise

    Many thanks for this info. Old slippers, oops, but really it is the itinerary and the people who make the cruise. I know this ship is not the same as many I have sailed on, although the Marco Polo was no Cunarder! However on that trip, we had the best crowd, plus landing on Antarctic continent was just something else. Locked drawer is some good news, somewhere to put stuff. Don't really think that lining up somewhere to retrieve or stow stuff is very efficient. The temperature is not a lot less than our maximums of late, here in Perth, Australia and certainly more than our minimums. Places some people go to escape our winters!!! Thanks again for the valued info. Model lady
  15. model lady

    Greenland & Iceland Cruise

    Thanks for the info. Should have requested details from t/a tomorrow so can go online and see what the go is. Did read in a world travel atlas that there are not many roads, so looking around the port/town is main attraction. Have cameras will travel or wander around pressing shutter button. Populations are small but many towns in our country only have these sort of populations, so nothing strange there, just that it will be colder than here. Although at the moment it is winter and many people are returning from Europe and feeling the cold. Will let you know what I find out. One question I have been trying to have answered. Does your room on Black Watch have a safe? Somewhere I read said no, which would be the first ship I ever went on that did not. Model lady