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  1. When I look on deck plans of the QM2 , I see launderettes on decks 4,5,6,8, and 10 but none on deck 9 or 11 which also have passenger cabins. Am I just missing them, or do they not exist on those decks? Thanks for any help.
  2. thank you all so much. I have been disappointed with HALS service many times...
  3. Can some of you that have sailed on the QM2 often please comment on your experience with the dry cleaning and laundry service on her. We are accustomed to Holland and sailing in the Neptune suites and having free laundry and dry cleaning. I did not trust Hollands' service for anything really nice, and I preferred to do my own laundry and have them iron items for me often, but just wondering about the service on board the QM2. Holland has eliminated all of their laundry rooms on board, and that did not please me. We are sailing on the 23 World cruise and the Christmas cruise before it, so w
  4. BigMIke911 We are just down the road from you off 1488 near I45. We are taking the 2023 world cruise with another couple. We sailed the Queen Mary in 2005, but not since and our friends going with us, she traveled on one of the Queens in like 1960 something with her parents. Any chance you would want to meet for dinner and tell us more about your experience and hints about sailing in the Queens Grill on the QM2? my email is rshepley at gopublic dot com so we can do this off line. Thanks for any response.
  5. WOW you truly are a wealth of information. Now, if you can just help me loose weight... 🙂
  6. Thank you so very much... So what was the dress suggestion for the Mariner's Ball. I can figure out the others, I think, but not sure what to wear for that. Also do you happen to have a link to any pictures of passengers dressed for any of the balls???
  7. Blue marble, that is great information for a lot of travelers. Very nice of you to share. Since you are interested in the theme nights, just wondering if perhaps you know what some of the theme nights have been on previous world cruises? We are booked on the QM2 2023 world cruise and it is way too early to be looking at shore excursions, so because we are so excited I am looking at some of the outfits I might pack- that is hoping I gain no more weight. I know there are blogs from people that have sailed before but i can't seem to find them. Certainly not an important thing to do, but it keep
  8. thanks Stewart for your answers
  9. underwatr, I understand your observation about taking a shorter cruise on Cunard before booking a world cruise if we were unhappy with our last Cunard. I would always recommend to anyone to take a least a one week cruise on a line before embarking on a really long cruise and especially a world cruise. I guess I should explain. We were not that unhappy with Cunard, just underwhelmed. We were in a queens suite and our balcony view was somewhat marred by the tenders on deck 8, this time i very carefully chose a cabin back behind the tenders. We were so surprised that a ship that had so ma
  10. One more question for you Cunarders. Is there somewhere on board that we can exchange currencies for the ones we might need in ports? Thanks
  11. Thank you LewiLewi for your opinions. The only time we did a world on Holland, the afternoon bridge was in the foyer area of the upstairs dining room. Very crowded and you were very far away from any of the windows, so since we are booked on the QM2 for this world cruise we will have to 'suffer' with the windowless rooms for bridge. 🙂 I agree that the other two Cunard ships seem to have nicer card rooms, but for this itinerary, we are pleased to sail on the QM2. I really appreciate your comments comparing the two because we definitely wanted to be sure we could play duplicate often in the aft
  12. Lakesregion, thanks so very much for all your answers.12. I can certainly do without potato chips but i do occasionally like to splurge and have some with a sandwich at lunch. I never eat French fries, though. I know I am odd. Once on a Celebrity cruise when we had the penthouse, I asked the butler for a few chips and he came back with a huge family style size of chips like you find at Costco. No way could we finish that but what a nice gesture. 11.The great lectures are very appealing. 10. So it sounds like with a little tip the steward can find a spot for some empty luggage. On ou
  13. We sailed on the QM2 about 15 years ago and were underwhelmed, but we understand a lot of the issues we had were straightened out shortly after that. We have taken many cruises since then but none on Cunard. We did the Holland world cruise in 2018 but we are seriously considering the QM2 2023 World cruise but I have a lot of questions and I know some of you all will have all my answers. I love cruise critic. First, can you bring on as much wine as you wish? is there a corking fee? If you go to a winery on a shore excursion, can you purchase wine and bring it on board? We will sail in
  14. Holland used to have dance hosts . Not sure if they do anymore. we met two different couples that loved to do a world cruise because the wife liked to dance and the husband did not, and the wives could find partners on the cruise.I do know that the 2023 Holland has several singles already booked and there are several who go every year, so HAL does do quite a few 'events' for singles.
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