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  1. thanks, we usually empty the mini bar and use it for bottles of wine....We bring on wine in addition to the wine packages. Are we seeing a problem here? 🥂
  2. I am paranoid about what the cruise lines will have to eliminate in order to make a profit now, so I am sure that played into my thinking, or non thinking .😲 Holland had eliminated so many things we were not going to sail them any more, but with a new president, I want to try them again and the world cruise for 2022 has a fantastic itinerary. We do have a HAL cruise in January 2021 booked but I really doubt it gets to go..
  3. My blonde roots are showing.... I kept wondering what the Sommelier Suites packages were. We always book a suite and I hadn't heard of that, but of course, Sommelier refers to wine... It just didn't say wine packages... Sorry everyone... I think it has always called it wine packages before and it just threw me. And if it had said Sommelier Suite cellar packages, like it does in some explanations, i might have figured it out... maybe. Again thanks everyone...
  4. When did Holland eliminate the 4 star or maybe it was 5 star discount on wine packages?? I must have missed it, but when i was looking at something else today, I noticed it is not listed anymore as a benefit. That was a huge deal for us.
  5. I knew it had been removed after our world cruise on the Amsterdam. We had been told they were putting in a walk in shower and that didn't happen. We did 40 something days on the Westerdam in the fall of 2019 and those SA 's don't have the extra sink, but the bath has two sinks and a generous counter top so i was OK with that, but that cruise had us saying we would never sail Holland again until they got rid of Orlando. The no cruise director among many other things, just really turned us off. Now that he is gone, I would like to try Holland again as we are 5 star and do enjoy the benefits. W
  6. Too funny. I almost used the same expression. a silly "first world problem". But for 4 months it is an issue, all be it minor. Our last world cruise on the Amsterdam in 2018 they did still have the extra sink . I am weighing the Crystal world cruise in 2022 versus the Holland. I love both itineraries, they are very similar. On the Crystal , for roughly the same price we would be in a smaller cabin so i was trying to justify doing the Holland in a larger cabin as compared to the Crystal in a smaller cabin but a much nicer ship all around. The crew on the Amsterdam world was remarkable and if t
  7. Thanks.. I was really looking at the 2022 world cruise but that doesn't please me..
  8. that is what i was afraid of. I really did like having that . I didn't mind so much on the Vista ships that at least had the two sinks but it was really handy.
  9. When they did the refurbishing in 2018 did they remove the little sink in the dressing area in the Neptune Suites or is it still there. Thanks
  10. Is the Pinnacle suite shower on the Nieuw Statendam the real small shower like in the pinnacle on the Volendam? The drawing shows it bigger but the only video i can find shows it being one of those round things that are very small.
  11. We also just received our notice of the Hawaii Konsingdam trip in January being cancelled, but on the HAL website, it still shows the same trip in November as going. It shows January as all being 7 day Mexican cruises. I really don't understnad that. If thye can go in November, why not in January. Any one have an answer for that?
  12. In the past, we were able to order from any restaurant when we were in the penthouse.
  13. We have done several penthouses on Holland but not the Konsingdam, however we are booked on the Konsingdam for the Hawaii trip in January. Who knows what it will be like now, but in the past as a penthouse passenger, they escorted you to your room from the dock. You start out feeling very special. If there are any lines at any time for any event or to get your passport or anything like that, someone from the Neptune lounge will come get you and walk you to the front of the line. When asked your room number anytime, everyone seems to bend over even more than normal to grant your every wish.
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