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  1. Totally agree. Azamara needs to bring Bonnie back to give us all support and be our sounding board. We certainly are not getting that from Azamara. Losing Larry was bad enough....
  2. We loved the SS Norway and were planning a second cruise on her when her demise took place. Such a sad ending for a beautiful ship.
  3. Ditto, same problem with our gov in Florida.
  4. Before we got our main refund for our March cruise after 99 days, we had registered a dispute with our credit card - that may have "hastened" our refund. Still waiting for our refund of fees & taxes which Seabourn said could come in the next 30 days. ???
  5. When we called Seabourn (after getting our refund for the cruise itself), we were given a different figure (less) than our actual total for fees & taxes. After waiting 15 minutes while they checked, they said our figure was correct. But, they couldn't give us a date when we would received it as a credit even they have it in their records. Another 90+ days???
  6. Refund was received on June 16
  7. Well after day 100, Seabourne finally refunded our credit for our cruise but not for the port charges & fees, still to come I guess. We'll just have to wait a bit longer. Thanks so much JPH814 for keeping this going. Have a great vacation.
  8. Triple ditto. Sure hope the credit fairy finds us soon 🙂
  9. We are leading that "exclusive 90+" club with 95 days as of today. Spoke to Seabourn yesterday and was told we are still in the final phase (auditing?) but could give us no idea of when we will get our credit. Earlier this week, we finally registered a dispute with our credit card company, we'll see if that gets us any closer to final refund. If not, 100 days coming soon! We loved our first Seabourn cruise, but not sure if we will ever book with them again after this fiasco. Stay tuned....
  10. Totally know how you feel. We are at over 90 days, and when we call Seabourn , they say it is being processed but can give us no date to receive it. Most others who cancelled on 3/9 for the March Encore cruise have gotten their refund. Makes no sense!
  11. Thanks so much JPH814 for all your efforts. We are now "top man" on the list with 87 days and no credit. We, too, are happy for those who have received theirs but still wonder why others have gotten theirs for later cruises and later request dates:(
  12. We are at 85 days and everyone else on the list for the 3/22 ( and several for later cruises) have gotten their refunds. When I talked to Seabourn last week, they said we should get it one week. ???
  13. Yes they are. We have remained friends (via FB) with a few and they are always in our thoughts and prayers.
  14. We are still waiting (day 74) and had hoped there would be refunds coming today - but so far nothing.
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