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  1. I'm not sure what chef's table you're dining at, but every one I've done has been a lot of food, a glass of champagne and a glass or two of wine, certainly not "a lot of booze".
  2. Well you're not going to drink like a king on carnival. They really have no high end beer or wine. The best wines they have on board can generally be had for $15 a bottle ashore. Vodka? They have Grey Goose and Grey Goose VX. I like both, but some prefer Belvedere. All are good choices. Tequila, Don Julio Anejo is my favorite, but Roca Patron is the "highest end" they carry that I know of. For whiskey, depends on what you like. They do have Makers, and there's a recent rumor you can find Blantons in the steak house, but I haven't seen it firsthand. The best Whisky they have is probably a 12yo MacAllan. The advent of the Blue Iguana and Red Frog bars have introduced a lot of new rums. The rum bar alone could probably fill a whole thread. Generally speaking, if you want fairly good quality spirits and decent drinks, spend some time at the Alchemy Bar. Or you could also drink 15 Coors Lights in a bucket by the pool. Whatever you like.
  3. In our experience, you don't find out what day it is until you're actually on board.
  4. You're right, you can't transfer them back. But you CAN cash out your casino bank, march down to guest services, and apply that cash to your S&S bill
  5. Caveat upfront, I have never stayed in one of these cabins. That said, I have seen the inside of these cabins many times. And I've seen them from outside of the cabin. The window in the cabin faces the open deck area on the front of the ship where people sometimes congregate to watch water over the bow. From this walkway it's pretty easy to see inside the cabins. Keep that in mind, you'll have very little privacy there unless you keep your curtains closed all the time, and that kind of defeats the purpose of having a window in the first place.
  6. Well hell, if I had known you could do that, I would have have bought $20,000 worth of gift cards before my last cruise for the discounted price of $18,000, then cashed them in for the $2000 profit and gotten my cruise for free. No wonder they're starting to put limits on the number of discounted GCs you can buy.
  7. So you buy the discounted gift cards and run them through the casino with no intention whatsoever of spending the money and just pocketing the 11.1% profit?
  8. Did anyone say they were installing self-service machines or was this just wishful thinking?
  9. THIS. But it will never happen because people will continue to do whatever is the absolute minimum they can get away with. It's mind-boggling to me, but I guess it's a totally different mentality.
  10. Your still not getting my point. I never said it was a requirement. But it IS the smart thing to do. And a very inexpensive insurance policy.
  11. Well what if you buy them off the back of a donkey cart?
  12. Nah, that doesn't mean anything. You can still get away with it, I'm sure.
  13. Millions of people cross the street every day without getting hit. But I still look both ways. Millions of people drive every day without getting in a wreck. But I still wear my seat belt. Having (and carrying) a passport out of the country is still a good idea - no matter how many people DON'T do it.
  14. I couldn't agree more. Sure, you CAN travel with a DL and BC, but I wouldn't dare set foot out of the country these days without a passport. Small price to pay for ten years of peace of mind.
  15. I'm thinking that if the Carnival slots return anywhere even close to 90% it would be a miracle. Unlike land-based casinos, there's nobody to regulate them (e.g. The Nevada gaming commission). There's also no competition. Those slots can be as tight as they want them to be.
  16. $3750 of slot play on a 7 day cruise. This is why I think it's funny when people in the cheers threads say they won't buy cheers because they get DOU for "free".
  17. Most smokers don't think cigarettes leave odors behind either...
  18. It's not a form. They have your address on file, you know. You leave money in your player bank, it lands in your mailbox about two weeks later. No fuss. No form. And no lying. What part of "AUTOMATICALLY forwarded to guests" do you not understand?
  19. Nothing hacks me off more than people spreading BAD information. This is blatantly false. The reason they tell you to cash out on the last night is because the casino is not open on debarkation morning and you won't be able to get to those funds. But you haven't "lost all that money". That's ridiculous. "I left a balance in my Player Bank - how do I get it back?Funds in excess of $10 USD will automatically be forwarded to guests. For further inquiries on outstanding balances, please visit carnivalplayersclub.com."
  20. So if the company is skimming from their employees, why hasn't ONE SINGLE WHISTLEBLOWER ratted them out on out? All it would take is one. Or maybe your giant conspiracy theory includes buying the silence of disgruntled former employees? After all you just said yourself that there's no evidence they're happy with the arrangement.
  21. It's easy to just make up reasons not to tip. Not everyone understands things like accounting and auditing.
  22. Yes, if you cancel your cruise, any pre-paid excursions, fun shop purchases, packages, etc are refundable. Just had this happen to me on one I cancelled for January.
  23. Why do you care how tips are divided? Apparently the employees are happy with the arrangement. When you tip at a restaurant on land, do you dictate how you want your top divided between your server, hostess, bartender, kitchen staff, etc?
  24. Well then doesn't it stand to reason that when the Canadian dollar only buys $0.77 worth of goods in the United States that it costs Canadians much more? That cruise you paid $2000 for costs $2600 CAD. That would be fine if Canadians made proportionately more money, but they actually (on average) earn about 16% less than their American counterparts. Lower wages plus unfavorable exchange rates makes for a big disadvantage.
  25. I honestly couldn't care less what you "appreciate". I'm not here to please you. I just think it's utterly amazing that you know three people that have lost bags, regardless of how many different trips.
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