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  1. Everyone left during the intermission. We actually stayed for the whole production. Never again.
  2. I went on her the last 3 marches. I have been on all the oasis class and I sure hope they keep the pool in solarium. I am hoping more than anything to see Cats leave forever. I am on the March 1 sailing. I don’t think cats is going anywhere but I can pray.
  3. What port pays that? Port of Miami get $10.24 an hour. You are out of your mind.
  4. Oasis class ships. 1. Set up reservations for specialty restaurants 2. Sign up for laser tag 3. Go to park cafe for roast beef sandwiches and salad. 4. Have a drink and watch the teens on flow rider. Stay far, far, far away from windjammer. Not a way to start your vacation.
  5. You can’t compare a short, old ship carnival cruise to the new vista class carnival ship. I cruise a lot living in south Florida. I enjoy my new carnival ship cruises just the same as oasis royal class. I can’t tell you how many people I have told this too, friends took the new carnival ships and where shocked. The old Vegas style 2,3,4 and 5 night cruises on carnival are the crap of 💩. But the new ships are great. Highly recommend going on panorama next year
  6. If I was in NYC I would pick a room with little privacy and a window for people watching. On a cruise I want my view of the ocean. Absolutely know privacy on BW balconies. I love to have my PJs on watching the ship pull into port. Even if I never stepped foot on the balcony an OV cabin is for me. Drapes never close and I have a full view of beauty.
  7. At that terminal on symphony, we went from our cabin to our car in garage with our luggage in 15 minutes. Super easy. We walked off at 8:30 with no line.
  8. When you board the ship you can go to sign up booth on deck 4 near studio B and sign up for laser tag.
  9. Nor have I spent my whole cruise in my cabin, but when I am in it showering and getting ready for dinner or in the morning drinking my coffee watching the ship dock it’s awesome. In your case you should stick with an inside cabin. On oasis class ship your ocean views are limited. I love water views. That’s why I choose to vacation and live on water. My backyard
  10. Sure, I carried a huge suitcase with three cases of water. Not a problem.
  11. Tried boardwalk balcony one time, one was enough. To me it is such a disappointment, zero privacy, can’t go out in PJs, noise was loud at times, couldn’t even change out in cabin without always closing curtains. Ocean view balcony is the only way to go. Nothing like pulling into ports enjoying the view in your PJs, even if I never stepped foot on my balcony, it is so worth it. Curtains never get closed. A full ocean view all the time. On the oasis class ships, you can forget you are even on the ocean with very few ocean view areas. Must get an ocean balcony.
  12. It’s the domed lid with straw, and the old lids do not fit it.
  13. Yes next summer prices on oasis class is outrageous. We always take an oasis class first week of June. I was on symphony in June and next June rates are $1500 more per cabin. There are only 2 oasis class ships next summer in Florida, Harmony and symphony. This summer 3 oasis where here. So that explains it.
  14. I don’t remember the last time I paid gratuities, my travel agency always has gratuities paid. First two people in the cabin at least, and we always get two cabins for our kids and us. In over 20 cruises with Royal I do not think I ever paid them once.
  15. I take many cruises. Living only 30 min from Fort Lauderdale. I have taken water on every cruise everytime, even when it was not allowed. Just returned from symphony and I carried on 3 cases of water in a suitcase. Yes 3 cases. I had 3 staterooms and never said a word. 2 ports my brother just carried the water right on in his hands. Again not once have I ever been told No. we have so many friends that live here in south Florida and they all take water too. Actually our neighbor was the captain of the Oasis “Trim” is is now with a sister ship of royal. Way have taken many cruises with all us neighbors on oasis when he was captain. So fun. Either way it has not ever once been an issue.
  16. On sea days they do it on the dream class ships and vista class. I agree it is not real BBQ. The sides are your southern sides, like Mac and cheese , and potatoe salad but not anything good.
  17. Yes please continue. I went on freedom when it was first out. Now we have been taking all the oasis class ships. Love them. Back on Oasis March 2020 and just got off Symphony. We have freedom booked next June after dry dock. A little worried to go back now because it just doesn’t have many food options. We love park cafe for lunch. Not into having to ever go to a buffet or dining room for lunch. I look forward to hearing the rest of your review.
  18. This ship does not need the key at all. We parked in parking garage and was on the ship in less than 10 minutes at 11:30 am. Park cafe is a great lunch for free with nobody there. In room at 1 pm and walked off ship with luggage at 8:30 and to the car in 15 minutes tops. Shows had no problem finding seats. We show up usually 25 min prior to shows and always got great seats. Buy one internet package and u can all share. Never would I spend money on the key on symphony.
  19. Yes u can. I just did it last month. Plus many of my friends did it a few weeks ago. I live 30 min from Fort Lauderdale, we take at least 3 cruises a year and always do it. Even when it was not allowed we did it. Never in over 20 sailings on royal have we been stopped.
  20. Yrs she disappeared. Hopefully we can get the final.
  21. It was not up for a short period of time. I saw it and thought several hours about it, went back and booked two cruises. I think it was up around 6 hours. I did not think it was a mistake at that point because people were posting that they called in and got it even.
  22. I have done it on all my oasis class ship cruises. My last cruise that I carried 3 cases of water on was the symphony on June 8th. Plus when in port my brother carried on a case in his hands in Mexico. No questions ever, even when it was not allowed.
  23. I doubt it. Maybe I could get my son the soda package. He is not a drinker and has no desire to even have a beer, but I figure he can have enough Virgin drinks and smoothies to make the $18 a day fine. I wouldn’t even dare ask, with the deal I got, I am ok with it.
  24. You will love the Harmony. Great ship. There are no deals on water on royal like carnival has. You can take water on with you. I brought 3 cases of water on the symphony in a rolling carry on. Never was told I couldn’t have all the water. Actually I was carrying it on for all 3 cabins we had, so I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Reserve your shows ahead of time. We have taken many carnival cruises but we find we keep going back to the oasis class ships now. You do not need to take cooler, little refrigerator is fine. You will miss all the food options carnival has but park cafe is great for salads and roast beef sandwiches. Go there first day on ship. Buffet is crazy boarding day.
  25. I got the package for $18 for my oasis cruise in March. I bought it for my soon to be 21 year old son too. Why would I buy down to a refreshment package when the refreshment package is more. I really do not even drink alcohol but a few times a year but for the price I can try a few things and have smoothies. I got the deal for our freedom cruise for June too.
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