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  1. Kids in the U.S. do not have the week after thanksgiving off. Never. Not a holiday week
  2. The Oasis has playmakers, BBQ place, water slides, plus dry slide. Allure did not get any of the added stuff yet. Allure plays Mama MiA, oasis you can take a nap because they play CAts. Lord is that the worst 1 1/2 hours of my time.
  3. You cannot go wrong either way. I am not a fan of Coco cay at all. Labadee is may favorite. We cruise a lot and my older boys 22 and 18 loved Anthem. They are both diamond so have been on many cruises. At your kids age they loved oasis, but still Anthem was the best as far as activities. I probably would choose Odyssey. U may want to consider getting two cabins for space, it’s tight with 4 in a cabin. So u can go with less expensive cruise which I am sure is Oasis
  4. Why would u buy internet for everyone in cabin. U can share one. Everyone in cabin has to buy key not internet, so yes it’s still a rip off
  5. Key is never worth it to me. Just another way to get money from people who have no idea they are getting ripped off.
  6. It has been 90 days out for years. They have made cruises 30 days out till Jan 30th now because of the uncertainty of covid. Really it helps people not cancel so much when it’s 30 days out. I am hoping that extends into feb. It was dec and they added another month so it may extend again
  7. Doesn’t surprise me, just depends on who is working
  8. JR milkshake is no but yes smoothies are included
  9. I got $500 off of $1500. We got 2 offers, one on my card one in my husbands. And we have 2 cruises for feb and March. So saving $1000
  10. We love all oasis class ships. Symphony is my favorite but oasis has the music hall which is better than dazzles. Port side BBQ on oasis not on symphony. Symphony has hairspray which is 100 times better than Cats. Either way u can’t go wrong.
  11. Best idea I can give you is don’t do it. Why give these places money for them to hold these beautiful animals hostage for your pleasure? We have them all over in south Florida. Go out to our ocean and enjoy. Don’t pay these companies a dime to support it.
  12. Oh hell ya. Doesn’t say can’t use for cruise planner stuff. Game on. $500 off two cruises with two different cards.
  13. I have 2 booked and I get $500 off $1500 on two different cards. Yahoo. SVed $1000
  14. I owe $1340 for cruise. If I add gratuities would it count as spending $1500 to get my $500
  15. I am going on symphony feb 12th. I leave 2 weeks later on Allure. I turn diamond after my feb cruise. I sure hope it gives me diamond for my March cruise 14 days later.
  16. It’s extended till January 31, 2022 now
  17. With all the money they make with Bingo I would think they are definitely playing. I was on carnival last month and they had it, but then again they also had quest. Lol
  18. I am happy, do not go swimming with the dolphins. They should be free in the ocean, instead a company makes money to please you. We have dolphins off our shore in Florida. Feel free to go swimming with them.
  19. I had an inside cabin once. That was enough. Nothing like a small cabin with no view. Also tried boardwalk balcony once and no way would I do that again either. Zero privacy. I love going out on my balcony watching us pull into ports each morning. No need to get dressed and very private. I usually do not pay much more for a balcony. We cruise 2-3 times a year once u do a balcony it’s hard to go to anything else. I always hear people say I never use the balcony, who cares just to have the curtains open and see the ocean every time u r in the cabin is worth it alone.
  20. I heard D+ get 5 drinks a day not 4 like his says. 4 is for just diamond
  21. I am an oasis class fan. I went on Anthem and was not my kind of ship especially for the Caribbean. The ship has many indoor spaces which is great for Alaska but not the. Caribbean. Symphony is such a beautiful ship, definitely pick the extra night on symphony.
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