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  1. We just got back after 8 days on the Breeze in the other Aft Ext Balcony-- #7461 and just like the original poster said, it was a bit tiny, had no couch, and the balcony was smaller than the aft ext balconies I've had in the past. Also, oddly, it was the noisiest cabin I've ever stayed in. Lots of squeaks, and thumps and loud noises that woke us up at night. The beds were comfy though! :) ~pugmommy
  2. P.S. I was able to find this which estimates that you pay about $1 a mile in Cozumel. http://www.travelnotes.cc/cozumel/links/taxifares.php ~pugmommy
  3. The tequilla factory is not far away from the pier, just about half way down the only road that cuts through the island. If I remember right, all prices are set before you step foot into the cab, and I would estimate that the ride would cost you somewhere between 15 and 20 bucks American money. Its not a fancy tour by any means, but we loved it, and you really do get to sample lots of interesting flavors of tequilla! I hope this little big of info helps. :) ~pugmommy
  4. I've done diving (both when coming off a cruise ship, and on an island vacation with family) with Scuba Tony in Cozumel several times. He is wonderful, safe, and a ton of fun. I believe you can google his name and be directed to his web site. With the currents in Cozumel, you really get to cover a lot of space on your dive. Have fun! :) ~pugmommy
  5. I always tip $2 as well. But sometimes when its my coffee/wake up call in the morning and I look like a crazy wreck, I will tip $5 just to make sure the poor guy isn't scared for life. :) ~pugmommy
  6. We did the same thing with my daughters best friend, who were both 13 at the time. We had the notary signed letter, the medical waiver, insurance card and family medical history, and we all had passports. We had no problems at all and would do it again. We are leaving with a different friend on a cruise in two weeks--- but this time her mom is coming too! :) Have a great time. ~pugmommy
  7. If you go to Cheduri, you MUST stop by the bakery and buy a fist full of the fresh made churros. They are TO DIE FOR! And, with the exchange rate the way it has been, they are a bargain price! :) Also, taking your cart UP the escalator is something everyone has to try.....just for the fun of it!
  8. Does everybody zip line at the same place? In other words, regardless who you book with (Bodden, Pirates, extreme, etc.) are you all taken to the same place to zip line? ~pugmommy
  9. Oh my gosh! I'm so rude. I forgot to thank you for the great review. SORRY!! We are leaving on the Valor in October and Belize and Roatan are new to me so your review helped me lots with my planning. Thanks for taking the time to review! :) ~Pugmommy
  10. I've spent a lot of time in Cozumel (I would move there tomorrow!) and you must take a cab to the beaches. I really really like Chankannab and I think its a $10 or less fee (per car load) from the pier. The cab prices are set on Cozumel and there are tons of cabs waiting for you when you get off the ship. No negotiating necessary. Its a very safe and friendly port so don't be worried about taking a cab anywhere. Also, the cab drivers often times carry coupons in their cars to save you some money on the entrance fees and activities. ~pugmommy
  11. We went on the Conquest two years ago and my daughter, then 13, brought a friend. We had her passport, a power of attorney, and another letter signed by both parents that gave us permission to take her out of the country and visit the ports we were going to. Not once did anyone ask any questions and the girls had a wonderful time. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Because there were four of us traveling, we had two rooms booked, one for the adults and one for the girls. We booked them with one adult and one child in each room then went to the pursers desk once on board and they simply rearranged the rooms and put the two girls together. We also had extra keys made so that we had access to their room at all times and vise versa. Let me know if you have any more questions. :) ~pugmommy
  12. We did the SNUBA excursion in Cozumel at Chankannab park though the park, not the ship, about two years ago. The reason we chose to SNUBA rather than SCUBA was because we had two 13 year olds with us at the time who were not dive certified. All four of us LOVED it. The guides were super and we really felt like the kids got to experience what diving was like. There were only four in our group and they sent us out with two young men. One stayed behind to make sure we were all working properly and one went a little ahead and located fun stuff for the group to see. They had lockers at the equipment/check in tent to put our other belongings in. I would do it again, especially with non-diving friends. Hope this answered your question. : ) ~pugmommy
  13. I bought a ring on the Conquest a few years ago and they used a little tool to show me that the diamonds were real. It was electronic and it beeped/buzzed when they touched it to a real diamond. They had a fake one on hand in an obviously fake looking 'costume jewelry' ring that did not beep/buzz when touched. I was just wondering if you remember them doing this to your earrings too? I agree with everyone else, have this disputed with your credit card. We have any jewelry of value put under our home owners insurance policy too, just in case it is lost or stolen. Did you do this? It might help getting your insurance company involved if you did. Good Luck! ~pugmommy
  14. To be honest, most of the cabin stewards I've had have not been from California or Louisiana. Really?!? While I would dispute the calls, I would not blame it on the cabin steward. -Pugmommy
  15. You guys were all so sweet to respond and Im so glad that I was not the only one that thought this was a little crazy. Thanks for the e-mail pcur I will send them a quick note and I will call RCI with and talk with them as well. Again, a sincere thanks to all of you. ~pugmommy
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