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  1. This was posted on CC a couple days ago. I’m sure if it will be open when my cruise goes in March. Time will tell.
  2. Kindness never hurts anyone, unfortunately it’s lost some on and others have forgot what it is. Sadly, that’s where we are today. Thank-you for bringing us along on this adventure and sharing your time in Greece. Safe journeys home and I look forward to the adventure of getting home and final thoughts once you get there.
  3. I have not heard about Canadians paying for them. I know of 2 Canadians who have sailed recently and one has just boarded a ship again today.
  4. I think they want Nate and Crystal to stay. 😁
  5. That slot machine might just be thrown off the ship before the day ends. Sue, do you insert your card every time you play? I’m curious to if they are tracking your victories. I feel like they track my defeat.
  6. Still on a bit of a high. That will switch up tomorrow with a hockey game. An hour away with an 8pm start.
  7. late April to about now. It could start a bit earlier and end later but it will be a lot of $ to heat it. The entire process was done in just over an hour. If I lived in Texas I’d wear shorts most of the winter. 😁
  8. This was first thing today. This was mid morning. Pool season is officially over.
  9. We watched him play multiple times in Calgary and in Toronto when he was in the CFL. One heck of a QB.
  10. Another big win for Owen’s team but it was a slow start. They were down 8/0 bottom of the half. They have a solid defence and their eight points were from a safety and a play where the QB should have ate the ball. We were on their 25, first down and he made a crazy pass that was intercepted for a TD. There was a second half comeback for the victory. Owen did his part as well. Final score 28/8. Edit, we also were not deluged by the rain. Currently pouring here. Opening kickoff.
  11. Hope you had a great day at the beach. Hopefully as good as last night. Very friendly. 😁 They might give you 3 cruises for free to make up for their loss.😉 This surprise could help cover so much… wedding, garage, future cruises, taking me on a cruise.😂 Congrats on your spectacular win.
  12. Speaking of football, Owen is all dressed up for game day. I haven't seen him so dressed up since graduation day. Hopefully they do well today. I told him I will be cheering for the other team, because that is where I went to high school. He just laughed at me.
  13. For the Bills Nation fans here, enjoy this video. A great Canadian band from Hamilton, with such an appropriate song for Buffalo. Turn it up.
  14. I'm tired of the CC log 0n/off issues. Deleting cookies daily etc and it makes no difference.
  15. I tried Google translate on an invoice and it really didn’t translate anything properly. The numbers stayed the same though. Nota, become note which makes sense but who knows what that means. 🤷‍♂️
  16. It is unfortunate that she could not fly for Southwest. She’d be a much better option than this alternative.🙂
  17. A few pics from the day. 4 hours of stump grinding cleanup in wet weather. Those tracks will be gone after winter, that’s what I told my mom. Finished product. Dirt will follow later with grass seed. Someone in the hood got a new tractor. Don’t want to fathom the cost.
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