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  1. Kindness never hurts anyone, unfortunately it’s lost some on and others have forgot what it is. Sadly, that’s where we are today.

    Thank-you for bringing us along on this adventure and sharing your time in Greece. Safe journeys home and I look forward to the adventure of getting home and final thoughts once you get there. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, dani negreanu said:




    Actually, how long is the "pool season"?


    late April to about now. It could start a bit earlier and end later but it will be a lot of $ to heat it. 


    3 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    Sad day but boy that cover sure does look easy peasy to put on.   

    The entire process was done in just over an hour. 


    2 hours ago, George C said:

    My pool season just ended also, we don’t cover the pool , also I wear shorts from April to mid October. 

    If I lived in Texas I’d wear shorts most of the winter. 😁

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  3. 1 hour ago, George C said:

    We met Doug Flutie on a cruise about ten years ago and have a picture with him and my wife Shelagh , it was a nine day cruise out of Brooklyn, nice guy. I not sure but don’t know of any special team players in hall of fame, but I agree would love to see him there. 

    We watched him play multiple times in Calgary and in Toronto when he was in the CFL. One heck of a QB. 

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  4. Another big win for Owen’s team but it was a slow start. They were down 8/0 bottom of the half. They have a solid defence and their eight points were from a safety and a play where the QB should have ate the ball. We were on their 25, first down and he made a crazy pass that was intercepted for a TD.  


    There was a second half comeback for the victory.  Owen did his part as well. Final score 28/8.


    Edit, we also were not deluged by the rain.  Currently pouring here.  

    Opening kickoff. 


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  5. 6 hours ago, Lionesss said:

    I cannot begin to think how much thread catching up I will be doing when I get back home.   Today perfect day at coco cay. 


    Hope you had a great day at the beach. Hopefully as good as last night. 

    6 hours ago, Lionesss said:

    Last night as Radio would say the casino was very lionesss friendly. 

    I won $15,000. 

    Great machine. 

    After I got my pay out I went to another machine and won $1,200. 

    Done in casino. 

    Very friendly. 😁  They might give you 3 cruises for free to make up for their loss.😉


    This surprise could help cover so much… wedding, garage, future cruises, taking me on a cruise.😂


    Congrats on your spectacular win. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, bobmacliberty said:

    That was awesome.  Thanks for posting.  Love Steve Tasker.  If that guy doesn't end up in the Hall of Fame it will be a travesty.  I like how they flashed back to some of the players from years ago (years in the making).  I even think I saw Doug Flutie in there.


    I spotted Flutie as well. Your eyes are not failing you. 


    7 hours ago, bobmacliberty said:

    He's starting to look like a man.  Definitely not a kid anymore.

    For sure. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, dani negreanu said:



    An example of how Covid-19 messed up lives....


    Our next door neighbors have 3 beautiful daughters. One of them was a FA with my son, but her dream was to be a pilot. She saved and saved until she had enough to fly to Florida, to start training (2017). Very hard for her to be there all alone -- they are a very close knit family.


    She passed all her tests with "flying colors", until in February 2020 she had the commercial pilot license and 1000 hours to start looking for a job.... She had her dream, but nowhere to fly. In Israel from 2/2020, working on a whole different job. I feel for sad for her, after all the hardship and loneliness.

    It is unfortunate that she could not fly for Southwest.  She’d be a much better option than this alternative.🙂



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