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  1. They should change their name to Yogo, “you only go once”.
  2. Please keep us posted. This is very strange indeed, especially when another member posts that they have not been cancelled for the same sailing.
  3. Gravy in this house, maybe butter too if one was decedent. This sounds interesting.
  4. On the lawn at my MIL. The well head is under it and the light rotates.
  5. The kids gobbled theirs up quickly but I haven’t touched mine yet. As were we when she got it. It was a gift from her DIL. We have joked about it going to the basement until they visit, but she said leave it hanging. Sharon is a child of the 60s and grew up in a dairy farm, but none of her cows ever looked like this. 😉
  6. Potatoes, veggies, stuffing, turnip, cranberry, ambrosia, pumpkin pie and cupcakes.
  7. Table is set. Accoutrements prepared. That’s a chocolate turkey, even the adults get one. Birthday cupcakes need to be decorated a bit more before consumption.
  8. Great day so far. Even Lucy came out. I’m gonna swat you if you touch my paw again.
  9. By end of the week the temperatures are dropping to around 18C (64F). I don’t mind heating the pool but yesterday it was only 73 until we cranked the heat to 85. With all the sports we don’t have lot of free nights to swim when we get home either.
  10. Waiting for the party to start. Pool is 86F and the air feels like 80F.
  11. We also know Oasis is currently sailing. If one were to flip ships I’d only pick one currently sailing as who knows what will be operating in March. On a side note, I’m looking forward to Port Side BBQ. 😋
  12. We are on the same cruise as you. If you jump ship to another your ports could still change. IMO unless the cabin rate is cheaper I wouldn’t.
  13. Thank-you. We have my sister in-law and family coming over for a swim around 1pm and then we head to Sharon’s for a delicious turkey dinner. The pool is 85 and this should be one of the last swims of the season. We are also celebrating our nephew’s 15 birthday today. Pics to come later.
  14. The photos from here remind me of the church from the Mama Mia movie. The trail to the top of the mountain too.
  15. Lucy would have issues with this cute one around. What an amazing puppy.
  16. Glad to hear that you like your new board. Other than posting pics for you, mine haven’t seen daylight let alone a wave for 2 years this fall. Enjoy it and make up for the runs I’m not making. ❤️
  17. I saw them headed your way the other night. Multiple flocks and at least a hundred of them. When they past overhead a tucked under the Jeep’s lift gate. 😉
  18. If and when we go we are doing exactly like Nate and Crystal. A few hours doesn’t give you same effect as days in one location.
  19. Our cardinal has not left. We are greeted by him almost hourly in the morning. Lucy had not got him yet. He likes all the lower level windows. Thankfully there has been no damage to the screens, at least yet.
  20. He plays with some of his former baseball and one of his hockey teammates on this team JR team of grades 9/10 players. I think Jim asked about night games, VS day games. There has never been night football games. In fact all high school sports are played during school hours. On a side note many high school football fields in the States have larger bleachers than many universities here in Canada. Our football here is comparable to hockey in America. Hockey is just that much bigger here than football. Here is Owen with his hockey teammate who received the Captain Crunch award for the hardest hits. I’m glad Weston is on our hockey and football team. Owen is tall at 14 but it makes you realize that Weston is a “giant”. He played offence as well as defence the entire game. Owen was told by the coaches that he is getting an award on Tuesday, after Thanksgiving. I don’t think they expected him to make all the plays he did. He cemented his role yesterday.
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