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  1. Hopefully you get to see it. We actually have not and we have been on her 5 or 6 times.
  2. For sure. It usually perferates a cruiser's system after they hit Diamond, and is usually visible at Guest Services. 😉 LOL. Yes and agreed. I still love the original ATS on Oasis and Allure, and after close two 10 years old they are now RC Classics.
  3. Yes and tethered for just in case. If they need to cut out that small section of the show it doesn’t happen, however 99% of the show did.
  4. Hiro has more diving, but still not as much as the ATS on Oasis and Allure. In fact the lower diving platforms are on Symphony where as they aren’t on Harmony. Cruise Life Rick and I had a discussion to why there is less diving while watching Hiro and we came to a conclusion. With less diving, and adding slack lining, dance choreography, a cabled aerialist, and a high wire act there are more likely less shows cancelled on the 2 newer ships and the 2 older Oasis Class ships. I remember watching the girl in the floating umbrella, at the beginning of Oasis of Dreams, go from the centre of the pool to under the stage right curtain with one lurch of the ship. Needless to say the show was cancelled before it began. It is just a theory, but a rescheduled show makes for unhappy guests and crew who have to prepare for another show they weren’t expecting to do. It’s our thinking to why they have gone this route, which means less diving but less chance of the show being cancelled.
  5. I was silent bidding on a fundraising charity item at a Hockey Game, a signed Gretzkey Jersey. The last 6 bids were against one other person, making it $450 more than when we went back and forth. Turns out I get a call at home stating that the item was still available as the other bidder backed out. They wanted me to pay the full price, and I stated that since the other bidder ran me up I would gladly pay a lower cost as I had been run up $450. They either failed to understand or didn't want $500 for their charity. This type of stuff happens, and you have to hold your preverbial guns on this one.
  6. It never came to fruition. The same came be said for Sky Class, as it was eluded too. I always wait with everyone else for the flow rider and so does my son. We do rent the wave a few times a cruise but we are what you might consider Wave Junkies. 😉 Biker, we have been told that we can join in. That being said the Key hours are few and not at great times so we never have.
  7. Wait a second... I thought Pinnacles sailed in insides. 😉😂 A few questions John. Did they do separate lines for US and Non-US lines or just one line for all? If I read it tight they do facial recognition like in Terminal A in Miami? Did you see a Global Entry line? Would a porter still expedite the process like in the years of past? Thanks John for taking the time to bring us along. Give Bella a chin rub for me.
  8. Maybe it is a "sign" to their fellow ladies, who think they will win the largest bra in the Quest. This balcony owner has their compeition level at max setting. Best go to the Quest tonight John and report back.
  9. That's amazing. From now on we shall call him Lucky Lou. I have it booked for the second night, private rental without instruction, for Owen and I. You can now book the entire wave on line for a private rental, with or without instruction. Thats new since our March cruise. Enjoy your sea day today.
  10. Got our beach front loungers reserved already for three weeks today at HH. Awesome.
  11. If only Cats was that short. 😉 Enjoy Holland House today. Swank, go at least once and watch it. I watched the first half of Cats and gracefully left at intermission. I gave it a chance but it just wasn't for me.
  12. I agree. When I read the "news" article seemed to play out like a normal pier runner story, except for the waving bye sign which really wasn't referenced to be directed to the runners. They left that up to the reader's imagination.
  13. From what I read on-line I think/say it was meant for the ship beside it, which was Anthem of the Seas. That being said there is a "news" article circulating the last few days that implies that it was meant for a couple of late returning guests that missed the ship in Saint Martain. I highly doubt that any of the officers of the watch, crew or Captain would be so calous to wave this at a guest that missed the ship. That being said there might be a few guests that might.
  14. Thanks Lou for the info. I wanna blast out the silly boogie board test before the lines are long. I’m going to wear my flow shorts onto the ship and have my rash guard shirt close at hand.
  15. John, I have a quick question for you. Can you check to see what time the flowrider wave opened on day one of this sailing? The hours are posted by sports desk near the wave. Thanks in advance.
  16. Happy Birthday John. Enjoy the day, and Izumi tonight. Are you doing the Hibachi or regular Izumi?
  17. That stir fry looked pretty good to me. In the DL, is that one outlet per Pinnacle? You better start snooping in the SL/CK to see how many are there, that’s where you will need it. 😉🙂
  18. How about... 2.0 I think we will miss you Ryano, we sail August 25. We shall prepare the ship for your arrival. Great plans John. Holland House for us too. Emerald Bay Beach Club in St Thomas. Next time we are going to hit up St John.
  19. Safe travels to the port, all of 4 minutes. 😉 I’ll be following along.
  20. Indeed, if you miss the flight it doesn't affect them. Agreed. We have had the airline change a flight on disembarking day to be earlier than we feel comfortable with. We called them and they put on us the flight that worked better for us at no extra charge.
  21. Me too. Now, John can just stay home the movie with Bella. What will she think.🤔
  22. And the smell of BBQ will waft up to the cabins above. Damn, I’m in trouble.
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