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  1. I found this on YouTube. It is an amazing channel if you like the abandoned/decay genre. The music in this video was a poor selection IMO.
  2. Crystal, did you break Instagram today? Safe travels.
  3. This is a change since dry dock. I can’t wait to see how it works. I’ve always liked a bar of soap over body wash. It’s a me thing.🙂
  4. I had multi-quoted many posts, but CC went sideways on me. It’s been acting up for more than a week, in private mode and regular mode. I can’t wait for these issues to fixed. Happy celebrations to all celebrating a special day; birthdays, watching ball games, enjoying their cruise, wonderful lunches and Greg’s glowing retirement letter. I hope everyone enjoy their day, whatever they are up to.
  5. I’d love to have that commute to port. Thanks for bringing us along John.
  6. Supposedly he is headed home to England for Christmas. Or at least that’s what I remember reading.
  7. Our cardinal is still around. Grasses are looking nice too. At Owen’s final ball tryout now, but did a bit of shopping after we dropped him off. LCBO is the Liquor Control Board Ontario. Found this and had to get a few.
  8. I don’t mind shirt at all, but the imagery of hog‘s breath seems disgusting. I’d be too. Other than the cold, it looks to be a great day. Hope the have fun and his son has a win.
  9. We have the same trex planking at our place in Alberta. It’s a great color. We used a bronze/dark brown aluminum rail system. I like the looks of yours, it works perfectly.
  10. When I was checking the security cameras today the neighbours are already out and rowing their edible beans already. You can see their lights in the dark. They have 50 acres left to harvest and have two pull behind harvesters. Rain is coming Sunday, so they will plan to be done late today.
  11. Is it a restaurant? Do you swim in the pool before or after dinner? Either way the view is spectacular.
  12. We literally drove down the road 18 minutes to go from football to ball tryouts. One ended at 4:40 and the other started at 5pm. We fed and watered him in the car in the way. I guess tomorrow is cut day for football. Ball tryouts end on Saturday and hockey tryouts end Sunday. Nothing after school tomorrow. A first this week. Their hockey team won 10–1 last night. We play the same team again Saturday and Sunday and it’s the first year of hitting. It might be nasty by Sunday.😜 Edit: just hit a ball to the left out field fence with his wood bat. 🤯
  13. He has never really thrown or caught a ball until tryouts. He has even done some kicking. He hit multiple field goals and even some three pointers at 40 yards. Soccer has paid off. He has even done a few kick offs. A spectacular place. A must visit for any hockey fan. Interesting….
  14. I hope Michelle had a great 39th.🙂 You cruise photos looked wonderful too. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos.
  15. Let’s try this… CC has been grieving me for weeks even with logging out and deleting cookies almost daily.
  16. Just waiting for Owen. While football practice happens we have some entertainment. The team got gear today, which I think means anyone who has stuck it out has made the team? Here is Owen making a catch play. IMG_0733.MOV
  17. The last two days we have had a cardinal looking at it's reflection in our house windows. Years ago we had one attacking it's reflection in the windows. Time will tell how dumb this one is. They do have bird brains.
  18. Both are both up there with raisins in my books. Me too.
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