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  1. It hasn't cancelled yet? My Carnival cruise for Jan got cancelled and am contemplating the same cruise from Princess. Confused as to why one company would cancel but another would not.
  2. April 2020-its our annual sister cruise. Missed last April. Fear we may miss this April as well.
  3. My January just got cancelled. I fear my April out of Galveston will cancel too. The cruise industry can't go on like this forever. I fear it could be the end. And that will be so sad.
  4. Got the email. Expecting the same for our April cruise. I fear that the cruise industry won't survive this.
  5. I am married to a non cruiser. He does cruise with me intermittently but he can take it or leave it. I cruise with my sisters or I will cruise solo. No way he'd make me hang up my deck shoes. But no way I'd force him to cruise if he didn't want to go. You can make this work if he doesn't mind you traveling alone or with others.
  6. This...I fell in love with My Time Dining when you can check in on your app.
  7. I have one booked for end of January and one for April. I guess I am too.
  8. This makes sense. If the flu vaccine was perfect, no one would ever get the flu again. How do we know that there won't be multiple strains of this, like the flu?
  9. I'm torn. I miss traveling so much! I have flown twice since July and have had fewer issues with the mask on the flights than I expected I would. So, yeah, I might consider it.
  10. I have flown twice since July and I have never felt unsafe flying. The airlines are doing a great job in dealing with the issues around potential infection. Loading back to front and unloading front to back has been great. Masks aren't even that bad during the flight.
  11. We took a E. Caribbean cruise a few years ago on RC, we were on Adventure of the Seas. I am a total cheapskate and I feel that we got a great deal. Eastern Caribbean routes can very port intensive so keep that in mind. We found the itinerary very tiring. So keep that in mind. You can find some really great deals. We went in April. Weather was great and prices good. We splurged on a balcony and it was worth it. I'm an early riser so I loved the sunrises and sunsets. We had to leave from Puerto Rico which for us had higher airfare rates than the lower 48. One port that we just loved was
  12. Carnival Vista Havana cabin. The Havana area is restricted to those in the Havana cabins. You have a dedicated pool, bar and lounge area. Area does open up at 7 pm to rest of ship, but we never saw anyone out there at night. We never fought for a chair, no kids under 12 are allowed so it's pretty quiet. Totally worth the cost. Other ships have the Havana but I don't know how they are. I would recommend highly..
  13. That's awesome!! And good to hear. Good luck!
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