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  1. I was in the Havana area on 5 and it was perfect. No noise at all. I will always sail AFT on Vista, it's perfectly located to everything.
  2. I totally get it. I hear of people who don't gamble who get lots of OBC. I have only cruised about 7 times on CCL and have to pull teeth to get $25 worth of OBC. Mine is just a rant also. Got to let it out somewhere. 😁
  3. We took an NCL cruise to Alaska a while ago and there was always someone at each entrance giving sanitizer. At the time, I found it annoying but didn't express it. In hindsight, it was brilliant. I have never gotten sick during or after a cruise, because I feel that I used precautions but looking back, maybe I was just lucky because I know that not everyone follows the cleanliness guidelines.,
  4. I cancelled day before yesterday, was told 90 days. I still haven't received my email of cancellation.
  5. You know I get what you mean. I took a cruise in Feb with my daughter. Service great, food blah and entertainment OK. I miss the adult amenities that other lines offer. I think I'm just a bit burned out and need to try another cruise line. I will definitely come back to Carnival, it is a great bang for the buck but sometimes you gotta shake it up a bit.
  6. I am so sorry this was a bad experience for you. I guess we got lucky. We were in a Havana patio, 5201, I believe and were terribly impressed that we heard nothing of the latin band or any other bands.
  7. Because most of the people who book them, use the pools and chairs during the day. The pool was virtually empty at nights. People were in shows, dinner, etc.
  8. Vista is now one of my favorite ships. Sisters and I were in the Havana Cabana last April and are booked again in Nov, with hubby this time. The front of the ship for any floor is so close to everything. Glad you enjoyed.
  9. The Ecstasy was my first cruise and while we had a load of fun, I found the layout difficult to get around. Maybe it being my first cruise was a factor but it's a fun ship. We had a blast each night in the Starlight for karaoke. Except for that one dude who thought it was cool to karaoke Nickelback, bad words and all.
  10. Oh, yeah, my bad though. I got the basic economy fare information from Hopper with the wrong class. I like the seats that are only two across. BA and VA offer them. I shop like crazy. BA is very expensive from Denver to London, non stop. I ended up using miles to get to EWR then VA to London. It all worked out and I got the fares I wanted. It was so much more expensive to do the same flight from EWR on BA.
  11. However unpopular it may be, I personally love United for domestic travel. Their MilesPlus program is very easy to use and I have never encountered black out days. I have actually been bumped up to First Class without even asking. I have flown Delta and like them as well. I actually got their CC and got 70K free miles, enough to bump up to First Class on our trip to Hawaii. They were wonderful. I have also flown AA, economy and first class. Equal to Delta and UA but their frequent flyer miles are harder to use. They do have blackout dates. I have only flown BA for international but their listed fares are very low until you start the add ons, then the price increases by three fold. I booked Virgin Air for this summer, so we will see.
  12. ASAP. I booked my June 2020 flights last month after having watching them for months. Use Hopper app to get an idea of what they think might happen. I always prefer to pick my seats and don't wait if they are going fast.
  13. Yes, I use the Hopper App but I don't usually buy tickets through a third party. It's just another tool I use.
  14. I haven't cruised on the RCL LOS but have on the Vista and I just loved that ship. We were in a Havana cabana and that end of the ship (front) is so close to everything. Easy to get to buffet, MDR and entertainment. Sister and I cruise together and have decided it's one of our favorite ships.
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