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  1. Yes. We just missed it. We heard about it last night.
  2. Kids and a handful of adults were masking indoors. From what we heard there were under 1000 guests on board this sailing.
  3. I’m on the July 31 sailing. There were no positive cases this sailing.
  4. We have been to coco cay before. Wanted something different. Plus we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and wanted to go big
  5. Major turn of events! We ended up canceling the snorkel trip and will do Paradise Beach on our own. This saves us $300 Soooo the price of our Cabana at thrill water park went down $300. We had day passes booked for coco cay. We canceled that. Instead we booked a floating cabana! The price for those went down to $999 for our sailing next week! Between canceling the snorkeling, saving on the thrill cabana, canceling coco club day pass, we got the floating cabana for $5 more!! So excited. Our daughters will freak when they find out.
  6. Thank you everyone for the feedback! I think we will pass and just go to Paradise Beach which was what we usually do in Cozumel. We had booked this when we had to do an excursion through the cruise line. It’s a lot of money for 4 people. And since we can get off might as well just do what we know and what has gotten good reviews during this time.
  7. Can you tell me specifically what you didn’t enjoy? We are so torn as to do this or not. We have been to paradise beach several times in the past and may just opt to do that. We are all vaccinated so we don’t have to even do a ship excursion. The thought of having to wear a mask while on the catamaran isn’t appealing. In a cab we have no problem with
  8. I can’t get any information on port of call thread. Has anyone done the Fury Catamaran snorkel trip since Adventure has been back? We are all vaccinated so we have the freedom to go off on our own but we have had this booked and I can’t find any feed back on how it’s been.
  9. Thanks. I looked through every roll call for July and August and looked on Crystal thread and couldn’t find any info. I was just curious as to what facility they were using for check in since they sail the same day. And no I was not being snarky. I didn’t feel comfortable trolling on Crystals thread since I’m not sailing on Crystal. I was more comfortable asking my fellow RCCL cruisers.
  10. Because Im not sailing Crystal and I’d rather ask fellow RCCL cruisers. So disregard my question since people can only reply with snarky comments.
  11. We don’t sail on AOS until 7/31 but was curious if anyone knew where Serenity checks in. I can’t find any info.
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