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  1. We have been on 16 Carnival cruises and our cruise on the Carnival Legend to Alaska was my favorite. We went the 2nd week of May and the mountains were still covered with snow. It was absolutely beautiful. Our bodies were still on East coast time, so we didn't do anything at night. Even our daughter in her 20's was in bed by 9:00. The good thing about that was we were up very early in the morning and got to start our excursions without rushing. I would LOVE to go back to Alaska again! I think you will love it!
  2. I think you made the right decision. We went to Alaska on the Legend and loved it. Also, loved going out of New York once. Your family will enjoy going to more ports and the longer cruise! Have a great time!
  3. We stayed in a 4J once and liked it a lot. The one we had was a much larger room than an ocean view. I also prefer being on the Lido, so I would choose 4J because of that. But if you like to look out your window a lot at the ocean and don't mind being on the first deck, then choose the Oceanview room.
  4. I always book with a great Carnival PVP.-Personal Vacation Planner. I have found even with the "special deals", the price is no better than booking through her. Wish I could share her name but I don't think it is allowed.
  5. Very Sad! Praying for the family!
  6. We went on an Alaska cruise a couple of years ago in May and it was my favorite cruise. We didn't use our balcony as much since we went the 2nd week of May, but did go out on balcony to see whales, etc and get some great pictures. I just wish I had taken a heavier coat with me. If we ever go again, I want to go in May again because of all the snow on the mountains. Riding train and going to Yukon was BEAUTIFUL! We went to bed early because our bodies seemed to stay on east coast time most of the cruise, so we were able to get up early and get ready for excursions without any trouble. We were waking up around 4:00 am but stayed in bed a little later than that. We loved our Alaskan cruise on the Legend!
  7. We never heard of birthday gifts till 2 years ago. Our son's birthday is in January and he got a gift 2 times. He was happy to get the free picture last year but didn't use the spa certificate. The rest of us have not been on cruises during our birthday month. This will be our first October cruise and our daughter is excited about getting the spa credit, hopefully. I understand that all ships don't offer it but since ours is an 8 night cruise, I think she has a good chance getting the credit. I know the prices are a lot higher in the spa than what people pay usually, but it will just be a special treat for our daughter if she gets it and can use it.
  8. I totally understand about the restrictions using the spa credit. That's why my son didn't get to use his credit. I am hoping it will be the photo certificate and spa credit and our daughter will be able to use hers.
  9. Thanks! I think my daughter will be disappointed because she was hoping for the spa credit. This is the first cruise we have taken during her birthday month. I guess we will just surprise her and she can have spa credit from us for part of her birthday present.
  10. We will be on a Carnival cruise in October. Our daughter's birthday is that month and we wondered if Carnival is still giving $50 spa credit during your birthday month. Our son got $50 credit a couple of years ago for his birthday in January.
  11. My husband said basically, the regulations there are the same as in the United States. Hopefully, he will get some good drone videos and shots where they are allowed. Thanks for all the information you have given me for this cruise!
  12. My husband is a licensed drone pilot and understands airspace. I do all the research for our family vacations and he doesn't even know what questions I am asking.
  13. I originally thought we would go to Horseshoe in the morning and St. George in the afternoon on our first of 2 days in Bermuda. Our ship arrives in King's Wharf at 9:00 am. I decided our family of 6 would not try to get back to the ship by 6:00 for dinner like we usually do and just go to the Lido deck when we get back. The first ferry over to St. George leaves at 9:30 am, so we would have to depart the ship quickly. The last ferry back to Dockyard leaves St. George at 5:45. I know all the stores will be closed on that Wednesday because it will be in October. We don't plan to stay but 2 to 3 hours at the most at Horseshoe and not sure how long we will need in St. George. My husband wants to fly his drone and get some good shots at both places. Since we would have to leave St. George at 5:45 on the last ferry, would it be better to go to St. George in the morning or Horseshoe? My husband would also like to get some good sunset shots. Would he get the best sunset shots at Horseshoe if we went there the end of the day or better shots at King's Wharf? I know Horseshoe will be more crowded in the afternoon. Any suggestions will be appreciated. The next day is all planned out with a scheduled snorkeling excursion and a few hours in the Dockyard before departing on Thursday at 6:00.
  14. Ooops! I also need new glasses. lol
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