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  1. Thanks for the pretty pictures and info. The Cove balcony rooms will be right below us and life boats above us. We usually are on Lido or higher, so this will be a big change. Thanks again!!!
  2. We are looking at the new Mardi Gras balcony rooms. Trying to decide between deck 11 and deck 5. The layout is totally different on this ship. Deck 5 has the rooms we like on port side but lifeboat looks like it would be over head. Has anyone ever had the life boat over head? If so, how did you like it when on the balcony? The view will not be obstructed except for looking straight up. The fitness and spa are on deck 6. Pizza is on deck 8 and Lido on deck 16. I might be able to get rooms we want on deck 11 but definitely can on deck 5. Just would like to know about having life boa
  3. We have stayed in spa balcony rooms below the Serenity on cruises and never heard any noise. We have always found the rooms to be very quiet!
  4. If any of you would like to snorkel, then check out Mark Roberts at Under the Sea Charter. He can take up to 12 on his boat. It is a 3 hour snorkeling excursion. Goes 5 miles off shore to the Blue Hole. After that you can swim with turtles and go to shipwreck. There were 8 of us a few weeks ago and we all loved the excursion. We were the only ones snorkeling at the reef, which was beautiful. You would have a few hours to shop around the dockyard after the excursion.. My daughter said it was her favorite excursion of our many cruises. I imagine there will be more ships in Bermuda in
  5. Never mind. I got off the site by accident and had to hit back arrow 3 or 4 times to find it and hit submit again and it went through but wouldn't let me do review of Bermuda at the end. Thankfully, I put it in the main part of my review.
  6. I have tried 3 times in the past 3 days to submit my Carnival Magic review. Each day after submitting, it just spins and spins and never gets submitted. I have spent about 3 hours in all writing 3 different reviews. This last one is still trying to submit. I took pictures of everything I wrote this last time so I don't have to spend as much time writing it -if I try again. Has anyone else had trouble submitting your cruise review?
  7. I got my lanyard the end of September and I used it every day. If I got the luggage tag, I would use it on my carry-on. My favorite thing about being Platinum is the 3 free bags of laundry per person. I appreciate it!
  8. We went to Bermuda on the Magic on Sept. 28th. Our family of six loved the Magic. We had spa balcony rooms on deck 12 and never smelled any bad odor on the ship. The food was very good in the dining hall and the service was the best we have ever had. The Carnival crew has always been friendly but we found this to be one of the friendliest. We thought the Magic was a very clean, beautiful ship. I was a little concerned because of a few reviews I had read before we went. We did not have any problems. We would definitely sail on her again.
  9. We booked about a year and a half before our Alaskan cruise on the Carnival Legend. We booked early saver so if the rates went down, we could get the lower rates. On our cruise the rates actually went up about $500 before our cruise. I would try to find a good Carnival PVP and they can help you. I wish I could tell mine but I don't think we can say names on this site. Your Carnival PVP can let you know when the 2021 rates are posted. If you want to see the beautiful snow covered mountains in Alaska, I would book a cruise for the 2nd or 3rd week in May. We took the White Pass t
  10. I guess I am one of the few happy people with the lanyard. I got mine last week on the Magic. I was going to buy one for my key and wanted mine. My key fell out of the plastic holder, so I took the plastic off and just used the metal clip and put it in the hole of my key. It worked great and unlike previous years, I was able to keep up with my key. Thank you Carnival!
  11. We were on the Magic last week. We had Asyis and his team of Adi and Sendian. We had the best service we have ever had in the dining hall. I highly recommend him. We finished our desserts every night before the waiters had showtime. That has never happened before. If you get Asyis, tell him Mama Elaine and Gil and family said hey. Our son Gil learned some Indonesian every day to speak to him.
  12. We booked with Mark Roberts at Under the Sea and had the best snorkeling experience. This was a lot better than large snorkeling groups. Mark takes up to 12 on his boat but there were only the 8 of us that day. We went to the Blue Hole which was 5 miles off shore and no other boats were around. Beautiful reef and fish. Also swam with turtles and went by a ship wreck. I highly recommend Mark. I emailed him several weeks before our cruise and he was prompt answering all my emails. Mark was a great job and very informative.
  13. We have been on 16 Carnival cruises and our cruise on the Carnival Legend to Alaska was my favorite. We went the 2nd week of May and the mountains were still covered with snow. It was absolutely beautiful. Our bodies were still on East coast time, so we didn't do anything at night. Even our daughter in her 20's was in bed by 9:00. The good thing about that was we were up very early in the morning and got to start our excursions without rushing. I would LOVE to go back to Alaska again! I think you will love it!
  14. I think you made the right decision. We went to Alaska on the Legend and loved it. Also, loved going out of New York once. Your family will enjoy going to more ports and the longer cruise! Have a great time!
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