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  1. jvdmd, we did finally get the assignment yesterday. I checked and e-tickets were emailed.We were blessed to get an upgrade to balcony, so guarantee gamble paid off. Saturday morning cant get here quick enough.
  2. Thanks for the information. I actually called customer service today and was told they were behind due to the Meraviglia and might be as close as 3 days out. I think I will call again tomorrow just to check again, will probably be given a different reason why they behind. Personally I have always had the cabin assignment several weeks out at a minimum. I might have of coincidently replied to you another topic.
  3. jvdmd Just to add to your question above, I also am also sailing this Saturday with a guarantee cabin not assigned yet. I called customer service today and was told they are running behind due to the Meraviglia and could be 3 days out when assigned.
  4. It appears to be look good for a upgrade, thank you.
  5. Thanks, we did a Bella interior cabin.
  6. I have a quick question for anyone who has recently done a guarantee cabin on the Seaside. We sail next weekend Oct 12, but haven't had our cabin assigned as of yet, so I was wanting to see when others may have of had their cabins assigned, and any luck with upgrades. Thanks in advance for any information.
  7. Kidless, we used the screenshot view from RCCL showing the first name and status as you mentioned, however I also did a second partial screen shot under accounts where it shows your name and account information. I put both screen shots onto one word document with a notation at bottom of first page showing a continuation to page 2. Had no problem at all, I called MSC a couple days to follow up and they looked it up and completed the status match while on the phone.
  8. Wanted to see if anyone who has used Uber or Lyft after cruise at the Port of Miami has been charged surge pricing? Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. I just booked a cruise last week and went online and did the status match the next day. After a week I called MSC to check on the status match and they did looked up my submission and completed it while on the phone. The she added it to my booking and the 5% was refunded back to my credit card almost the same day. You will have no problem with them crediting it to your cruise after the fact.
  10. I was wanting to see if anyone knew of any shuttle buses, or similar, that goes from Miramar Florida to Port of Miami. I figure that this might be cheaper than parking at the port, due to the close distance. Thanks in advance for any information.
  11. I have not been on Anthem of the Seas in a few years and have a couple of simple questions. What floor do you disembark from? With regards to the 4 complimentary main dining rooms, is there there a difference in the menus between them? Thanks in advance for any information.
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