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  1. yeah... Berries are my fav...Thanks
  2. Does Carnival serve any kind of Hard Seltzer? They are low in Carbs and if they did it would make me very happy....
  3. Thank you for posting... I will be on a cruise in 2 weeks and reading your posts has given me some confidence…. I am getting some great ideas…Thanks again
  4. We will be in La Romana early Dec. on the Horizon. We are thinking of doing a day pass at Dreams Dominicus La Romana. Has anyone been to this resort? Looking for any input. We are also wondering how far from the port and what a taxi might cost. Thanks for any help..
  5. Thank you very much for the replies I used points to book the hotel, so I canceled and rebooked at the Holiday Inn POM..,I have stayed in this area a number of times so I am comfortable in this area. Thanks again for your input...much appreciated...
  6. I have done that and I can see a Shell gas station across the street, but I can't seem to find out if it sells beer and wine. Some states we have been you can buy it at gas stations(not mine).
  7. Hi everybody, I have a cruise booked for next Feb. and have booked at the Holiday Inn Ft Lauderdale-Airport on Sheridan street. Will we be able to walk places from the hotel? What I am wondering is will we be able to walk to pick up some beer for the night and a couple bottles of wine for the cruise or walk somewhere for dinner? Or will we have to Uber everywhere? Any info on the hotel would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi Thanks for answering questions... What is "Hero and Villains Night"?
  9. I watched a few videos on you tube from La Romano and didn't see a pool. Did I miss it. I would love if they had a pool. Can anyone else verify for me...We are sailing on Carnival
  10. Thank you for posting this video, It is fantastic....
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