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  1. I am really sorry that I am missing this cruise but will enjoy reading what you post. The first week of August I had two strokes and spent 3 months in 3 hospitals and two rehabs learning to walk and talk again. I am doing fair and hope to be able to cruise again some day. It was disappointing to have to cancel this one. I booked it a year ago. Enjoy !!!!!!!!
  2. Add me to the list of people who would never go on MSC again. There were so many things that went wrong on my cruise on Seaside. The personnel were just plain rude and not even interested in correcting a problem. The only good thing I can say is the pizza was delicious.
  3. Another vote for Doubletree. Had a great view from my balcony, room was very spacious, clean, nice little mall between the Doubletree and Marriott with dining options, short cab ride to the port etc. Unfortunately it is sold out for my next cruise so I am staying in Ft. Lauderdale and taking a shuttle to the Port of Miami for $15.
  4. They did not offer Luggage Valet in Miami when I cruised on the Symphony in January. I don't think it is available on the Oasis class yet. There was rumor about it possibly being offered by this fall.
  5. I paid $51 for it and it is supposed to be a 10 minute ride. I will find out in November.
  6. When I cruised out of Miami in January on Symphony of the Seas RC did not offer luggage valet. Do they currently offer it now? I have two cruises leaving from Miami later this year and it would be wonderful if this service was provided now.
  7. They had complimentary frozen pina colada's when I did the train tour. I can't remember what else except soda.
  8. I paid $51 for it on the President's/Birthday cruise in Nov. It is now $47.99 but I am not going to worry about $3. If it goes any lower I will cancel and re book.
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