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  1. Food in the MDR was much better on my Alaska cruise, than the two "X" cruises before, I did notice 9 out 10 men wearing suits (some without ties) compared to Tuxs. I felt so out of place on my first "X" cruise in a suit, I went straight away and bought a Tux.


    It required three days to get my balcony door fixed this trip and my stateroom door was never fixed.


    One thing, I didn't understand was removing many of the wooden tables from the Sunset Bar and placing them in the buffet area.


    Yes, things were better a few years ago, but I have noticed that the service and food are starting to improve.

  2. A classic dodge here is that they put them in "souvenir glasses" which you are automagically charged for as well, so your "welcome aboard" drink is frequently $10 or more.


    I was strong enought to quit, after I got all seven different =X= glasses. When asked why I am going to Alaska again, I could say I am missing a glass.


    Fourteen day cruise means about 3000 photos, I used 24 rolls of film on a seven day cruise.

    Muster drill, I have to fight down the urge to yell, Dress Right Dress.

    A newbie always gets off the elevator and goes the wrong way, only to return in a minute or two.

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