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  1. ThePatientOne

    cruise leaving 9/28. good idea?? HELP ME!!!!!

    To the OP... Many good ideas and suggestions here.. In a nut shell Pick the cruise that fits you and your budget the best. CCL is fun and they have gone to great lengths to get rid of the party boat rep. that they had. Make darn sure that your docs are in order.. Names match the booking etc,. Take half the clothes and twice the money. ;) Don't worry about hurricanes, they sail around them if they show up. Pick a center of the ship cabin for less motion Balconies are great, coffee in the morning and a night cap at night out there can't be beat. You have come to the right place. CC is a treasure trove of information. Cruise around the boards and check them out. Make sure your new bride is up for a cruising honeymoon.. You asked about internet and phones.. Someone commented already however I will add this.. You are on your honeymoon, ditch the phone and don't worry about the internet, It all will be there when you return.. (I turn my phone off once I board and don't turn it on again until I am back on dry land at the end.) Once you have booked, keep an eye out for price drops. Price drops either amount to a reduced fare or On Board Credit. Your TA or whoever else handled your booking will not tell you that the price went down. Good luck, many happy years together and happy cruising..
  2. Great review.. I see you made it to Jacks.. Great place.. Jack and Janet are wonderful.. Can't wait to see them again.. Would love to have you and "The Andrew" join us in November.. You know where to find us.. :D
  3. WOW, Great review.. Thanks for swinging by our roll call to let us know it was up.. Swing by and let us know when part 2 (and 3 and 4 and....) are ready.. (I will try and remember to swing by for a look see..) We can't wait for ours.. Oh yeah to the poster that mentioned a quiet roll call.. Keep posting to it to sort of "bump" it up to the top part of the roll call list.. Easier to see;):eek::D...
  4. ThePatientOne

    hotel in Charleston Sc Help

    I thought I would swing by here as I am looking for a hotel that is within walking distance to food and bars.. We have a pretty large group and I think I am the only one who will be driving.. One thought for this thread.. If you are driving and have a Handicapped placard, you can park at the port of Charleston for free.. Oh yeah, we don't set sail on the Fantasy until November. Bummer..... Good thread..