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  1. I hope it's true unlike the hydroxyclorquine story they had to retract. It's sad
  2. It's the Tcells and bone marrow that remember and protect the recovered as well
  3. Thank you. Only one 'science' matters. The recovered studies by the NIH even are never mentioned. They had a study back in Jan of this year stating the recovered were showing great antibodies and they were hoping the vaccine showed the same. There have been (although a different illness but shows how the body remembers in not only antibodies but Tcells and Bcells and bone marrow) studies of those that had the 1918 flu and after even 80-90 years had strong immunity. '
  4. Somehow antibodies don't seem to matter. It should matter. Recovered seem to only matter for blooddonations. If a recovered person comes in contact with a positive person, no retest or quarantine so that's telling. But Doesn't seem to matter
  5. Ok, but I'm sure the customers really won't see the contract. Just like when you but insurance on a car loan - customers doesn't know it but the bank gets a cut. or those extra yrs on an electronic purchase.
  6. Seems all recovered are great for is donatedblood. They want that and recovered matter there. I'm kind of tired of it all. As an aside, they don't test the recovered if they happen to come in contact with a coronapositive. So that says a lot to me. No quarantine either.
  7. Could be a referral/percentage to the cruise line Depends on the agreement/contract
  8. The recovered do not matter anywhere it seems! There have been quite a few doctors and others including the NIH stating the value of recovered but it's just ignored.
  9. Seems always the way it is. This whole thing was rushed and people did different things to get vaccinated but now issues at times. And I wonder about boosters. They originally mentioned 6 months maybe. I don't know but that time is up for the first who got it. And mixing and matching, another maybe foolish thing if countries will recognize fully vaccinated as 2 of the same item. That is how the studies/trials went. Who knows the value of mixing up? No one. It's just something that happened to rush this along.
  10. You are SO LUCKY to have both your parents alive at those wonderful ages! Thank him for his service and happy father's day!
  11. How they forecast a date 3 months in advance? a mystery to me.
  12. and worn by people that don't touch them, hang them on a rearview mirror, put them on a table with their keys on top, drop and put it back on the face. There is no sterile environment the way they're constantly touched and where they go when in a restaurant etc.
  13. One day they probably didn't have the same type available when second shot was scheduled is most likely what happened. That's my guess. None were trialed that way I'm sure. Then someone says how great the combo is. How do they know? They don't.
  14. Springstein is in NYC. They state must be a US approved vaccine. We'll see how that goes.
  15. Who knows. I just heard (as an aside) Broadway show with springstein must be vaccinated with on the the 3 approved in US. They said no to any others. So overall, I wonder if this catches on all over, international travel won't be as easy as get the vaccine. May have to be country specific.
  16. That's good. I wondered how they'd actually figure out the 5%. But still not knowing until short notice is an pain.
  17. And there have been numerous not sick in numbers even prior to the vaccine.
  18. Yes, not sick but all the news etc. Hopefully this doesn't happen often. With cruising, and the extensive testing this is bound to happen.
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