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  1. In the hot and humid climate especially in the summer time if a person got hot because of the climate and also from lugging all those luggages around, rushing to the terminal etc.... their body temperature get hot what happened then? One time I was going through the airport's screening going into the full body scanner "millimeter wave" scanner and it detected something. TSA then searched me found nothing. I asked them what could cause the false alarm. They said it could be because the weather there is hot and it raised my body temperature. I would guess in the
  2. Our cruise sailing on July 17, 2020 on Enchantment was announced cancel through email on May 20. I then click on the link to request full refund on that same day (paid that cruise in full). Today, 5/31 got full refund through 6 credit card transactions. We have 1 cabin with 3 people.
  3. I just paid off the balance for the July 17, 2020 cruise on the Enchantment. I've been crusing for a while. This is the first time I paid off the balance and not as happy about it like in the past when paying off balance on previous cruises because now knowing that upcoming cruise may or may not happen and if it does what would cruising will be like, but it will be definately different from the past. It will be a different kind of "Wow" experience. 🙂
  4. From the White House here are the phases of re-opening the American Economy. Seems like cruise ships will not be back in operation until Phase 3. Not sure when phase 3 will be or even when will each phase be. Only thing they spell out is what can be happen on each phase. Got a cruise booked on the Enchantment for July 17, this year. Balance due is going to be in 2 more days, not sure if cruising will be re-open by then. Before we can go to Phase 1 Before the states go into the first phase of the plan, there needs to be certain benchmarks that are met. Those include:
  5. Hello everyone, On the Allure of the Seas, I booked a cabin category Promenade view interior#7323. This cabin located on the back at the ship at the boardwalk. Does anyone know if this cabin has a full size window like those in the typical promendate view cabins or a small port hole window ? Thanks
  6. Good morning everyone Liberty of the Seas amp schedule is to be sometime in 2021. Does anyone know exactly when in 2021? We are planning to go on LOS in August of 2021 and wondering if she will be amped by then. :-) Thanks
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