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  1. StrikeEagle

    Fog and liberty

    this is how heavy the fog is at 7:07 am, about one hour after both Liberty and Vista docked.
  2. StrikeEagle

    Fog and liberty

    I want to give you a first hand experience of the improvement situation cruise ships arrival in the fog at port of Galveston. I'm set sail on the Liberty of the Seas today 3//10. Lastnight local weather has dense fog advisory for Galveston from midnight to 9:00am. I also received text and email from Royal Caribbean telling me about the heavy fog and the ship can be delayed getting into port. This morning I woke up at 4:00am and monitor the Liberty on marrinetraffic.com. At that time I see the Liberty is at Galveston coast moving at around 12 knots right behind it is the Carnival Vista and also the boat Texas which is a pilot boat. Those 3 ships/boat are the only ones which is moving. There are at least 20 other nearby vessels which are not moving. Some of those are tankers and cargo ships. I kept on monitor the Liberty and Vista and I see it is moving as it should even in dense fog and dock at around 6:00 am. I think it is true what being said about the improvement of the pilot ship association and it is good news for cruisers since Galveston port often has fog. Attached is the screen shot from marrine traffic at around 5:00 am. The list of nearby standing still vessels was long I only capture what fit on the screen.
  3. StrikeEagle

    Fog and liberty

    When I said lately I noticed about cruise ships arriving at Galveston port on time even when it is foggy, I meant starting from November 2018. Fog season in Galveston is around from November to end of March.
  4. StrikeEagle

    Fog and liberty

    Thank you ssb. That makes sense, I also thought it has something to do with the pilot boats.
  5. StrikeEagle

    Fog and liberty

    I noticed lately about Galveston port, even when the weather is foggy, the ships arrive at the port on time. Anyone knows if they did some improvement or changes in the process when ship comming into port?
  6. StrikeEagle

    Charge for second entree?

    When I heard about this news about Holland America, I cross it out on my list of cruise lines to try.
  7. This is true, I second that. One of the past cruise when my daughter was about 11 years old. She won a bottle of wine. So she went up and pick out one of the wine bottles available on the table. For children, when they win a wine or something that is suppose for adults, they should have an option to pick an alternative gift suitable for children.
  8. I will say mostly the same as others. 1st sea day around 10:30 am. Free alcoholic drinks. RCCL emblem gifts such as caps, shirts, jackets, glasses. This event takes place in the area with windows/outside views instead in an enclosed area without any windows.
  9. StrikeEagle

    When was your first Royal cruise?

    My first cruise was on Sovereign of the Seas, Sept 1st, 1997
  10. StrikeEagle

    Can OBC be used in advance?

    I use my OBC to pay for shore excursion I bought online through RCL cruise planner
  11. any latest update on what's going to happen to Liberty at Galveston? Last I heard was Liberty is leaving Galveston on April or May of 2020. Is this still true, if yes, which ship will replace Liberty once it leaves Galveston Thanks
  12. StrikeEagle

    Sofa bed comfort?

    This is how a sofa bed look like on the Oasis. My 13 years old daughter 4'8" slept comfortable on it, but it may be small for a larger adult.
  13. StrikeEagle

    Adapter clarification

    it was on Oasis August 2018
  14. StrikeEagle


    For those who don't know this already, probiotics helps with stomach virus including Norovirus. Our family on every cruises we takes probiotics supplement daily. The stuff we got is called Culturelles. If you do a search on the internet, you will find several articles on how probiotics helps with stomach viruses https://www.wral.com/lifestyles/healthteam/story/10742574/
  15. Our family when we are on a cruise, besides washing/sanitzing our hands we also bring Culturelles and takes it daily, it is probiotics and it helps with stomach/digestive virus issues. do a search on the internet and you will see many articles on how probiotics helps with stomach virus including norovirus https://www.wral.com/lifestyles/healthteam/story/10742574/