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  1. I wish they would replace her with a newer ship! She has been in Galveston WAY too long. We need the variety. Having to fly home from a cruise takes all my built up relaxation and throws it out the window! We can drive to Galveston easy peasy. And the other ships they sail from Galveston are ancient! Glad they are planning on the new terminal, but that will take years and they should show this port more love sooner.
  2. I am assuming Carnival hasn't joined the coconut water craze yet, but does anyone know if I can bring it onboard? Their website says nothing in bottles, like sodas or waters, but small quantities of canned drinks are allowed. Coconut water comes in cardboard containers and provides electrolytes that give me energy and help me feel better. Any chance someone has tried this before and knows first hand? We will be cruising out of Galveston on the Vista.
  3. Those were great videos! You look like a fun couple! Thank you for providing those links.
  4. The idea to youtube it was excellent & gave me the perfect sense of what the Thermal Suites offers. I never would have thought of that. So Vista doesn’t have a real Thelosotherapy pool but does have some type of large hot tub in the room with the warmed tile loungers that has minerals & salt in the water that is suppose to be soothing. (According to the clever youtube video). Now my only issue is whether I can hear the water with my balcony door cracked open at night if I’m way up on the 14th deck. I’m thinking I likely won’t be able to & that is my favorite part. (Don’t worry, I don’t run the ac when the balcony door is open for anyone who might be worried about the energy waste.) Decisions decisions.
  5. I can upgrade my standard balcony to a spa balcony on the Vista for $100. The location I have & the new one are both good but with the Vista not having the Thelassatherapy pool is is really worth it? The Carnival website is not really clear on what types of specialty climate rooms (Thermal Suites) Cloud 9 offers on this ship. Are they elegant, quiet, & free from kids running around? We probably will not buy spa treatments and the free metabolic testing, yoga, & pilates classes included with the room will go unused. We love the Spa staterooms & Thermal Suites on Celebrity Cruises but have not experienced them on Carnival.
  6. If you fly, booking your cruise thru your preferred airline (they all have it available on their website) will get you a ton of miles for that airline. You can book it yourself using their online system or call their 800 number and let an agent do the booking. I always do all my own research, pick my ship, date, and cabin and then call the agent I like with my airline's cruise department. I have a credit card with my airline so I get even more miles. Using the airline's branded credit card I get a minimum of 7 miles per dollar spent (pre tax and port fees) and up to 10 miles/$1 when they are doing a promotion. If you don't have the credit card it is usually 4 to 7 miles/$1 spent. Basically if you spend $2000 on a cruise (pre tax/fees) at 7mls/$1 you get 14,000 airline miles. On my particular airline, it only takes 20,000 for a free domestic flight. That is a pretty great bonus in my book and the overall cruise price is the exact same as going thru the cruise line. Worth using an airline booking sight in my opinion.
  7. It was an exciting learning experience. I'll take the bait every time now to see what is being offered and crossing my fingers it is a suite. We have had the L-shaped bowling alley cabins on Magic before and we love them. We always book them when we see them open for our sailing. They just feel roomier and they have a nice gigantic balcony usually with loungers instead of just chairs. Enjoy!
  8. OK. Because of the awesome quick response of TNcruising02, I decided to press the red button. Thankfully, it did not strip me of my current cabin and did give me the option to upgrade to a similar cabin a few decks higher. Unfortunately, it was a connecting cabin right by the elevators, so I opted to keep my original cabin. I was hoping it would let me upgrade to a suite (even for extra money). What a fun surprise that would have been for DH. Oh well. We'll still enjoy our cruise every bit as much. Thank you TNcruising02
  9. I just received an email from Carnival saying ... UPGRADE YOUR STATEROOM Congrats, sailor! You qualify for a discounted stateroom upgrade on your upcoming cruise aboard Carnival Vista! A better stateroom can make your whole vacation better — so redeem this offer online using your reservation number (below), and get ready to take your cruise to the next level. We are Platinum and have never gotten one of these emails before. It does not have any details and I am hoping you might. If I click the link, am I giving up my current stateroom assignment? Would I get to choose the actual room for my "upgraded" cabin? We like the location we picked, but would consider an upgrade if it were located in a desirable area and we got to choose our new cabin number. Is this an opportunity to bid on a higher category cabin? Thank you everyone for sharing your experience!
  10. I am looking at taking a cruise on the Breakaway but the Guarantee Mini-Suite is significantly cheaper than the regular balcony cabins. I would traditionally NEVER book a guarantee because I'm a light sleeper and I do not want to get stuck in a noisy cabin or one with high-traffic outside the door. Most of the minis on this ship appear to be in good locations with a few exceptions. Has anyone who has done a guarantee mini have positives or negatives they can give me? Thank you in advance!
  11. Just like you, I wanted to sign up for the ifly & the bubble thingy that goes above the ship on Anthem but they were booked up prior to booking. Once on board though, there were plenty of openings, so don't worry. You should be fine.
  12. We cruised on Anthem this last fall & enjoyed the $4 appetizer style food at the English pub on board. We are thinking about booking Harmony but my husband wants to make sure they have pub food at theirs too.
  13. Further information: This was on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston December 2018. The waiter brought out the loaf of bread in its packaging like a regular loaf of bread to show me it was gluten free. It had a name brand on the package but I forgot to write it down and can not remember what it was.
  14. Sorry everyone, this is my first time back to the boards since everything changed and I can not find the search function. I know there are other posts out there but please humor my ignorance. I cruised on RCI for Christmas and it was my first Gluten Free cruise. They had a sliced sandwich bread they toasted for me in the MDR that was quite tasty. I am looking for the brand name and places I can buy it. I live in the Houston, TX area if that helps narrow down store choices. Also, the dining room staff already knew of my diet restrictions when I showed up. Will I need to add this information to my cruise file for each cruise going forward or will it be stored in RCI's system? Thank you all for your time and responses.
  15. Thank you Clarea! I have done as you suggested but they have not been able to provide any info of available options. I’m hoping someone has been there/done that and can give their insight from previous experience.
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