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  1. Two things: 1. This is all travel for me, not just cruising. 2. This egg guy is obviously an amateur. A pro knows the proper position when packing for one’s return is ON TOP OF the suitcase. 😁
  2. Yes, there is a dress code: you should wear clothes 😝. Seriously, you might be asked to change if you come in a bathing suit, but otherwise, no one cares.
  3. Well, it seems this thread has taken a turn to the dark side 😝. And in regards to the upper bunk: there are so many questions I Never want the answer to,,,
  4. I think I started to feel hungover just by looking at that photo!
  5. Is it just me, or does this look like something that could end very badly? 😝
  6. #1: This is why air travel stinks these days #2: You ended up paying more than $80, didn’t you? 😛
  7. Typically, CK replaces the MDR for suite guests assuming you are not in a JS. If you are in a JS, I would not count on getting into CK. as for the dining package, I found it nice to have, but with kids not so sure. Those dinners can be long. regarding kids and the CK: it might be nicer as it is a shorter meal
  8. I see no one has answered this, so I will try without turning this into a dress code thread. Formal nights are now just suggestions on Royal. You will be ok in the main dining room in casual clothes although going there in swimwear is still not allowed.
  9. The factory tour is a fairly old scheme or scam (depending on the factory and viewpoint). In all versions, the tour guide ensures that you are taken to a souvenir shop (which is typically bigger than the factory it is attached to) and keeps you there for a while. That said, these tours can be interesting at times. Bottom line: treat it as part of your tour payment and don’t by anything no matter what they say. I have a couple of good stories about these when I visited China with a group back in the early ‘00s 😜
  10. Question which I do not mean to seem argumentative with the OP: In normal times, how late would RCI cancel a cruise for a non-weather reason?
  11. It’s simple but someone does need to explain it to you - it’s hard to pick up by watching. All the bets other than the line and odds are for gamblers who get bored easily 😝
  12. Going to classes is a great suggestion. However, let me suggest a few specific games for you: - Slot machines are by far the easiest but there is little interaction other than insert money, push button. On a cruise ship, the house advantage (basically, the difference between what people put in versus what they win) is pretty high. - Roulette is a great, social game that is very easy to understand but the house edge is high - Craps is busy, but it is very simple to play the pass/no pass line. The house edge is pretty good as long as you stay away from the bets in the middle of the table. - You have already played blackjack so…. But playing it at a level where you might win requires memorizing a few tables, so that is something to consider
  13. Yes it is. In this color or bright pink 😝. And why don’t women’s dresses (and other clothing) have pockets?
  14. Totally agree with this. Once you cross the “real” suite line (that is GS and above) it does not matter on non-Oasis class ships. It’s just the room that changes.
  15. While I disagree with this statement (you can’t rent out the cabanas for part of the day), I agree with the other points this post raised regarding the non-financial benefits. However, if we are to go there, there is also a significant detriment that can be summed up by a quote from my little brother on a family cruise we took about a decade ago. He had been getting his money’s worth from the equivalent of the DBP. On Day 4 I had not seen him at breakfast so I went to his cabin to check up on him. This is what he told me: “I’ve decided to take a vacation from my vacation”. 😛
  16. If you have been on a cruise before and you still have your old bill (yeah, some of us are pack rats), you could do the calculation yourself 🙂. Personally, I have never been able to even break even on the DBP myself and was fine with the daytime offerings in the pre-COVID SL. YMMV
  17. Honestly, I cannot answer that. It may be another YMMV case. It may also depend on how full the boat is.
  18. The concierge on Oasis class ships is basically your single point of contact for all the things that you need while on the ship. This includes show and restaurant reservations, spa appointments, excursions, recommendations, special arrangements, guest services type stuff, and similar. For my travels, what this meant is I did not need to stick with a known schedule as much as someone without access to this service and it made a much better trip for me although YMMV based of the staff you have. also, keep in mind they can do things early and have access to a small selection of reservations that are blocked off for their use. Bottom line: use them if you have access, but don’t pay up JUST for that feature
  19. The FLL wait times seem to be ok on average. Are you pre check? That would help.
  20. Where is the 🤢 or 🤮 reaction to this post???
  21. Two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducks.
  22. Not a US citizen Ah. Different rules then 🙂
  23. There will be an appeal, so I would not get too excited.
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