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  1. How do you "order" the luggage tags? I don't remember ordering them for our cruise last summer. Actually, I printed several and then out of nowhere some arrived in the mail! I have not received any in the mail yet, I do have Choice Air this time, can I order them on line? Thanks!
  2. SraLiz

    Car Service

    Im sorry. I need to hire a driver for the 2 days before our cruise and when we return. Thanks
  3. SraLiz

    Car Service

    Hello All- I am looking for a car service for our upcoming stay in Old San Juan. We will be arriving on Thursday for our Saturday cruise. We are a party of 6. We will be making several trips and I really don't want the hassle of multiple taxis or Uber issues ( airport pickup/hotel pickups etc). Does anyone have a recommendation of a service you have actually used? Thanks so much! Liz
  4. BigBenBoys- thanks for the AWESOME photo show!
  5. I just booked 3 in a Sky suite for July. Received the Go Best (4 perks) for 2. The third person received cruise fare of only $1000 and NO perks. We are just using our $300 in OBC for the 3rd persons tips and then the rest in drinks. With Michaels Club, I think we will be ok. Our other option is to purchase the drink package for the 3rd person. She doesn't need internet.
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