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  1. I just put a deposit on my cruise for next summer and am now finding out about MSC Status Match Program. Based on what I've read on here, it would appear that I should be able to get a status match to Black so my question is, is it better to do the upgrade now or wait till closer to sailing so I can prolong my 3 year membership or is it based on cruise date rather than status match date? What are the advantages and disadvantages to doing the status match now vs maybe few weeks/month before sailing? I assume my status and benefits can be retroactively applied to the sailing I just booked.
  2. We are trying to decide which to go with for our Mediterranean cruise next summer - the brand new Grandiosa for obviously the newer ship and better amenities or the Divina for the slightly better itinerary and savings of over $400 for our family. We are wondering if going with a newer, bigger ship vs one that's only 7 years older makes that big of a difference and since both itineraries are pretty port intensive (one sea day for both) if we should go with a decision based on the ship or the itinerary (not to mention the additional $$ savings)? Would appreciate any of your feedback! Thanks!
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