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  1. That makes sense. But with all I have read online I think they would have been able to book the entire ship. I have about 6 girl friends that wanted to go but they thought they would have more time - I thought I would have more time! Thankfully I booked when I did!
  2. Are they not ALLOWED to book the entire ship? I guess and event is different than a charter? Could it switch from an even to a charter? They are not taking bookings anymore. Anyone else interested has to join the wait list. Kathy
  3. My daughter and I going. My daughter will be 21 (this will be her birthday gift). We are HUGE fans. She has watched this show every day since the day she was born. We are both so excited!!!!
  4. Good God I hope not!!!!! Thankfully we are sailing after V-Day!
  5. My daughter and I are booked for this sailing! We can not wait! We are both huge fans. We went to NYC to eat at the Golden Girls Cafe, Rue La Rue Cafe! It was wonderful - I was sorry to see it closed less than a year after opening - the location wasn't the best - almost an hour outside the city via the subway. When Rue passed there was a huge estate sale - I was lucky enough to buy some items - they will be coming with us on the cruise!! (estateofrue.com). And I am VERY excited to hit Key West - it is one place I have never been! Kathy
  6. I want to rent a wheelchair for my mother. We need to be off the ship early as we have a 1030am flight out of FLL. I am going to rent thru special needs at sea. How easy/fast is the return process? I know the return kiosk opens at 8am. If we get off the ship at 730 can we just leave the chair at the kiosk? What are the chances of them saying it wasn't returned? She does have a wheelchair at home that we can bring with us - but I don't think she will want to. She can walk - but not long distances. She is horrible at using a cane and walker. However, give her a shopping cart and away she goes. Any experiences with doing early debarkation and returning chair in FLL? TIA
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