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  1. What is the cost of a frozen drink? Are there drink of the day specials? TIA
  2. Does anyone have a link to the carnival insurance claim form? TIA Kathy
  3. Nevermind - called Hertz AAA and they got my reservation fixed!
  4. I know someone here will know the answer. I am renting a car, from Hertz at FLL airport. The next day I will be driving to Miami. On the Hertz website it will not let me select the port of Miami for a return. Where is the best/easiest location to return the car? I have tried calling Hertz but they keep "disconnecting" me. TIA Kathy
  5. She feels so much better but her energy level isn't back to normal yet! She spent all day atbe beach and did a little shopping. She has a minor in ASL, as does one of her friends, so she is able to communicate without killing her voice anymore.
  6. my daughter is currently on a cruise. She wants to get a detailed copy of her bill. I told her there has to be access on the TV screen. She says there is not. I think she is wrong. It has been years since I've been on a carnival Cruise can someone let me know if she can access her bill on the TV and if she can how does she do it. I know she can go down a guest services but she has no voice and is absolutely exhausted from today. Tia Kathy
  7. She just got a letter in her cabin offering her a credit towards a future Cruise. The amount is equal to one day of this Cruise. That was totally unexpected and I thought it was very nice.
  8. Exactly - without those two things she would be passed out on the bed all week. She is exhausted after running around today and is heading to the room to take a nap. But she is SO MUCH better today!!! Kathy
  9. They quarantined for two reasons - one, she told them she took Tylenol so they knew that reduced her fever some and two, she tested positive for the flu. And really, she didn't mind too much being quarantined b/c she felt like crap yesterday. I told her to go to the ships doctor. I didn't think she had the flu and I didn't think she would get locked in her room! I thought she just picked up a bad cold. Last cruise she got a nasty ear infection that required rx drugs. I didn't want her to wait and have her get worse. She had a great day today! Tomorrow they are booked for Sting Ray city! Kathy
  10. It really did! Now I need to go and hold one!!! After this the monkey jumped on her head!! She is a having a good day. Kathy
  11. Thank you! I hope so too!! I was happy to see the smile on her face this morning!! Kathy
  12. The tour operator waited! Turns out it was just my daughter and her friend on the tour - tour of the city, monkey and sloth sanctuary and a stop at the beach. Lets hope my daughter goes back to the ship! Kathy
  13. Her roommate, was free to come and go as she wished. She hasn't had the flu vaccination (my daughter did in October). I hope she is lucky and doesn't get it. They gave my daughter Tamiflu. They should had given some to the roommate as well. It also helps prevent the flu. When my daughter was living in the dorms her roommate got the flu an my daughter took her to ER. The ER docs gave my daughter meds to take to help prevent her from getting it. Kathy
  14. She will be free at 9:30!!! She no longer has a fever. I really wish they would let her off now because she has a tour booked. I hope she can enjoy the rest of her vacation.
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