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  1. Um, kind of, not really. Hal ships have one two-level dining room. It is one big room. I would not call this two dining rooms, like some larger ships in other lines.
  2. We last sailed over the 2019 holidays. We think that Crystal has improved in recent years. Both ocean ships have had relatively large capital improvements made. We still call “Waterside” the “Dining Room,” but that is just one example of the investment. I think that Crystal has, in fact, removed cabins on the ocean ships rather than adding them, thus creating more space per passenger. We very much liked the move not too long ago to be all-inclusive. We think the food, service, and entertainment are all still very well done.
  3. We have faced the same choice and went with Seabourn. The Grill cabins and dining are very good, the Queen’s Grill may be the best restaurant at sea. But the minute you step out of them, you are on a standard cruise line (first world problems). However, on Seaborne, the whole day, and everywhere you go, you are on a first-class line. I am sure others will disagree.
  4. Festivale 1983 out of MIA · Assigned table/waiter for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On port days lunch was open seating buffet in the MDR. · Lido was only breakfast, lunch and late-night buffet (1:30 AM) · Midnight buffet was every night in the MDR · Went to the Radio Room if you needed to place a phone call. No TVs in the cabins · Skeet shooting and golf ball driving on the back. Topless deck above. · Cash for bar purchases. Beck’s Beer was $1.25. Matches and ashtrays everywhere · Cost 4X today’s fares in real $
  5. I am sorry if this has already been posted. Hate to hear this. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-zaandam-crew-death-broward-20200410-vbhjnpg27fcnplodrwrtokz7fm-story.html
  6. Sad to hear, but true "what a life".
  7. FYI, in the USA version of Vanity Fair, the ad is on pages 61 and 62. There is a sub-set of posters who tend to get bent out of shape whenever Crystal brings “models” on-board to shoot an ad, and often cite that “these people do not look like us.” Well, Keith and Anne Marie, you destroyed that myth because you both look amazing in the ad, better than any model!
  8. While we were last onboard Symphony in the fall, we happened to walk past the deck five cabins several times as we the used the forward stairs near the medical center to descend to the gangway that was on deck 3 for some port stops. We noticed many “staff members” coming and going from those cabins including some of the dancers and the future cruise saleswoman.
  9. Is not the doctor who is in charge of the ships’s medical center, who is the subject of this post, not also a contractor? That is my point.
  10. So a question, I wonder why the doctor assigned to the spa could not step up and cover. He/she always are hyped in Reflections as “MD” and they are obviously already on board and already employed by Crystal?
  11. Is Shayne the CD on board? We sailed with him after he first took over from Paul and very much enjoyed Shayne’s engery.
  12. Wow, with only 175 passengers on board last night, it must have been an odd/empty vibe. Almost like a ghost ship. I wonder if a fair amount of the crew were given the night off and maybe went to enjoy South Beach?
  13. One can see the ships enter and exit the port from any of the beach hotels. From the south to the north try: The Ritz, Westin, W, Hilton, Conrad, and Atlantic. Note that there is a big construction project in the block between the Hilton and the Conrad right now. We like both the Conrad and the Atlantic very much. I took this photo of the Zuiderdam sailing into port one morning earlier this year from our room in the Atlantic.
  14. LGA is a total mess, try to use JFK or EWR if you can. Check out the local news reports of people exiting their cabs to walk the last half mile, etc.
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