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  1. Getting back on topic of veg dishes, I look forward to some veg dishes the have flavor on their own and don't try to replicate standard food . Tried the Impossible meat at a Burger joint with my grand daughter and the meat patty was not to my liking. It is so processed that it leaves strange after taste , if one doesn't gulp down the sauces and condiments with it. I'm a flexitarian, so I eat regular and veg food, and some of the frozen stuff is pretty good.
  2. Most of our gut issues were in the Mid East, Africa and South America.(Santiago and Rio) Have fun.
  3. Some ports, there is nothing close by worth eating off the ship. This is especially true in the Caribbean. We don't do fast food or Senor Frogs type places. Not passing off as a food snob, we have been food poisoned too many times.
  4. 90% of the cruise companies tours use national or local tour companies.. They are good. We did one with another cruiseline, but our criteria was1) itinerary, but 2)excluding a stay at Cusco. We are susceptible to altitude sickness. We can handle a few hours above 10,000 ft but get symptoms after that we have problems. Oxygen, coca leaves etc are minimally effective as we live in Florida and bear the full brunt of the altitude change. Our itinerary left Cusco as soon as we landed and our hotel was in Urubamba. We did four or five sites and MP. For the 5 of 6 days we stayed under 8000 ft. The last day we spent in Cusco, with a later flight out to LIma. We plan to go back to MP, but land at Cuscon and immediately take private transportation to Olantaytambo and take the train to MP and stay at one of the hotels. It's worth the steep prices.
  5. I have to rolls calls going. On one there is one member and the other none. Granted one is a year out with a destination of Japan, but the other is the Caribbean next winter. I fear the social media has diluted the benefit of CC.
  6. WE used to decorate with some magnetic signs, but stopped after sticky fingers of fellow passengers made them disappear. Biggest offenders were on Disney ships.
  7. Absolutely. We have endured rude and selfish noisy neighbors every couple years on our 20 year cruising on Celebrity.
  8. RE Air -Southwest confirmed my daughter's flights to HAV next week and one can book flights to Havana until Oct 2019.
  9. RE Air -Southwest confirmed my daughter's flights to HAV next week and one can book flights to Havana until Oct 2019.
  10. Here is the Dept of Commerce Announcement https://www.commerce.gov/news/press-releases/2019/06/commerce-and-treasury-departments-implement-changes-cuba-sanctions The Grandfather clause is quite specific. In reality, the longer out is your reservation, the chances are higher some part of the itinerary will cancel out. My daughter is flying out to Havana from Orlando next week on Southwest Air for a land trip. I am sure they will fly next week, but if scheduled in 6 months, probably not. It won't be commercially viable.
  11. We got conned once back 12 years ago with a $100 piece. Since then we have bought items we liked on Ebayand the like for much less a few years after we saw it on the ship. We treat this art as decoration, not investment. Flippers don't touch this product.
  12. I wonder if any hamlets along the way have fireworks at night? Then again they would be very late.
  13. Brings back memories. Thinking of trying her again instead of some of the current offerings.
  14. Appreciate the OP's concern. My mother in law contracted Pneumonia after a 6 week cruise. It almost killed her.
  15. I've been following this emergency on streaming media rather than news networks. Some of the video posted on the Viking board is shocking. The ship seems to have lost control of its heading, and is just bobbing back and forth with the waves. It's pathetic and disgusting that the major news networks like CNN and MSNBC are focusing on their reporters pontificating and prognosticating about the Mueller report rather than focus on the 1000 people whose lives are in peril. Mostly Americans, Canadians and Brits.
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