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  1. O can make changes, but more importantly can the pax follow? Not every pax is retired or has unlimited cash. People do have vacation windows and budgets. Work, medical issues, budgets, time off, all play a role. Last minute major changes will probably disastrously effect O's bottom line.
  2. Crossed this "gate keeping" several times in the last 6 months. It's not about you. A pre operation test is the last protection against infecting the profitable units at any hospital or medical center. The test guarantees with a high probability whether you are infectious or not, with or without symptoms
  3. Whatever and whomever issues digital vax certification, This validation has to be borne by the Cruise ship. Imagine a cruise ship full of pax from all different countries docking, say the Maldives, and the pax line up at the customs desk with some poor soul trying to figure out 20 different countries and maybe 30 different US digital certificates. That's not going to happen . I shudder to think what will happen on the upcoming test cruises.
  4. So now New York State is preparing its own Vax Passports. And I am sure others will follow. Can you imagine the confusion with multiple proofs of vaccination from around the world? The old yellow card was universal and it worked. I guess I'll carry all the emails to prove I got the vax.
  5. I have waitlisted higher level suites several times. I put deposit money down and each time the suite category cleared. I currently have a waitlist for a July 2022 cruise to Iceland. I suspect I won't hear about it until final payment time, but you never know. I did clear from #2 spot on the list to #1 spot last December. I'm willing to move my deposit elsewhere if something better comes up
  6. If the sale generated enough Billions, then the creditors would be more than happy to renegotiate the terms of debt. The new owners (whether Apollo or someone else) could provide the same or better service until they resold the business some years thereafter.
  7. The updates must have been prepaid before the Covid hit. Interesting photos. The drydock took out a section of cabins to access the engine room.
  8. I am so pessimistic about July 2021, I booked July 2022 Iceland itinerary a few months ago, and I am only 80% confident that my ship will sail next year. On the other hand, not booking now will make your chances of snagging a booking next year very low with hundreds of thousands trying to line up reservations for all cruises. I see the rush the same as trying to get an appointment for a vaccine, at present. One herd movement begets another herd movement.
  9. To corroborate the validity of the Covid Vax card, I have copies of all the emails for scheduling, and vaccine confirmation from my Hospital, for my DW and I, that we received during the course of vaccine process. The card can be faked but the corroboration with third party documents (with all the ID code numbers) is better. Until an electronic system is established, that is the best that can be accomplished. When an electronic system is available, that's another matter
  10. If the crewmember was a part of a ring that would not only take the cash but sell the pax's info on the dark web, then sympathy is misguided. That creep could cause years of misery on the victim. I would have had him not only disciplined but removed from the ship without pay. Yeah I believe in "walk the plank" punishment.
  11. WHO reports China has less Covid cases to date then Kenya? total rubbish
  12. My second Moderna shot was administered Thurs AM. FYI I had slight fever, malaise and disorientation on Fri and today my arthritic joints are aching. My daughter in law, a State Health Dept nurse, said this was normal since the inflamation is a sign that the Mrna is doing it's job. Looking forward to traveling by car in two weeks to see my family.
  13. If Norwegian sells all the R Class, NCL will not have enough cash flow to fund the rest of the O fleet. There is a point where shrinking will lead to insufficient operating revenues to maintain their business.
  14. From the reverse perspective a 5% chance of catching Covid pales when compared the other medical chances of failure. I had my share of medical procedures and many had odds of failure of more than 5% including stents, surgeries and the like. If I had avoided these, I'd be in bad shape or six feet under. Bring it on.
  15. We did three itineraries in 6088 or equivalent on the Sirena, Insignia and Nautica. Great cabin, but beware if you have heavy weather it does get to be a bit wavy. Not as bad as the Vista cabins up front ,which have lots of bow slamming against the waves. Sound wise very quiet. Only mention heavy weather because we did a Sirena voyage to the Southern Caribe last January and we had awful luck with weather. Only calm days were the last two and there were many delays and missed ports. Glad we had the OS.
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