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  1. floridatravelersforlife

    Live (somewhat) from the Eclipse SA and Antarctica

    I'll be following your travels too. It's been 9 years since we did our Antarctic Cruise on the Infinity, and we look forward to reminisce. It was one of three best cruises ever for us.
  2. floridatravelersforlife

    Live/Nautica: Greece, Holy Lands, Egypt, Dubai; Terry/Pix’s

    Thx for the great review. Got a question , the audience at the La Perle show in Dubai seemed thin as your pictures depict. Was that the case at most other venues in Dubai? We will terminate there on a future cruise and I was thinking of waiting until we arrive to book our land excursions.
  3. floridatravelersforlife

    Magic Carpet dining stopped

    Just disconnect the utilities and let the damn thing drop down into Davy Jones Locker. As a grey beard, I called it last year with the wind. The MC roof acts like an airfoil and turbulent air currents are developing inside the structure. Basic airfoil dynamics.
  4. floridatravelersforlife

    Is the Edge's Eden in the Taco Bell Commercial

    Maybe the VW bus that was supposed to be on board can be turned into a Taco stand.
  5. floridatravelersforlife

    Is the Edge's Eden in the Taco Bell Commercial

    You said it, I didn't. You may or may not be aware, TB is known as the place to go for"munchies" late at night for a certain element of the population.
  6. floridatravelersforlife

    Is the Edge's Eden in the Taco Bell Commercial

    Saw this ad on a national TV network. Some of the scenes are remarkably similar to the Eden environment. The ad is certainly aimed at the hipsters.
  7. floridatravelersforlife

    Edge Marketing to Millennials

    We were on the Dec 1 cruise in an IV, and it was ridiculous to continuously jockey the furniture around in order to get comfortable, which I never did. I felt I was sitting in bleachers.
  8. floridatravelersforlife

    Edge Marketing to Millennials

    The ad missed the mark, unless all Millennial are under 5'9 tall. The shot of the couple sitting in the IV cabin is way off. Those models are tiny. There is no way my wife and I would fit in the alcove (as I call it),as the portrayal shows. I'm 6'3". But then, this is marketing.
  9. floridatravelersforlife

    Upcoming Cruise ... freaking out a little ...

    We did this exact itinerary on Marina in 2016. After 28 cruises it was one of the top 3 memorable cruises. It is worth the anxiety.!!! Re the Papeete hotel. You are not visiting the surface of the moon. Even if all goes wrong (which it wont) there are plenty other places to stay. And Pepeete is not dangerous. The regular citizen is warm and friendly. We had 5 days at the IHG and spent a day doing what locals do. Shopping at Carrafours, walking around downtown. Very Friendly. Hint, if you are able to snorkle, you will never forget it.
  10. floridatravelersforlife

    Regatta - Yet Another Mechanical Failure

    I am trying to assess Regatta vs the other R Class ships. Anyone know: Are the mechanical issues unique to Regatta? Certainly other R Class ships have had some issues. Where did the Regatta come from? Did any other Oceania R Class come from the same cruiseline?
  11. floridatravelersforlife

    Has Celebrity Edge met your expectations?

    I'm been now asked a number of times on this board why this or that, and the poster admitted they are involved in the cruise industry, intimating they would use it for some relevant purpose. Over the years I freely participated hoping to help others and be helped with our cruise travels. My beef is I have eagerly gave advice to benefit and pay forward. and not to generate profit for others without compensation. I don't know the OP, nor am I making any accusation. I just ask the question to see what others think . Hundreds of Millions of others (not me) have been ripped off by the likes of Facebook,
  12. floridatravelersforlife

    Can I buy toothpaste on the Edge?

    oh, so you were the lucky one. I asked for a toothbrush on embarkation day and they were already sold out . Waited until we docked and bought one on shore for a $1.00. Probably one third the ship price. The ship carries very little in these notions. They want to sell you a$300 figurine!
  13. floridatravelersforlife

    Has Celebrity Edge met your expectations?

    Ditto and I would like to know the purpose of the poll?? Almost sounds it's being used for commercial purposes to make a point.
  14. floridatravelersforlife

    Is that coral real? (Edge question)

    The nice thing about resin items is you can douse it in vinegar and it will come out brite and shiny. Disney uses the stuff everywhere. My son has a room of Disney hotel furniture (Polynesian) from the 70's that comes out great after washing. It's indestructible.
  15. floridatravelersforlife

    Oceania NEXT

    Gosh I hope O does not go the way of the APP. We did a three day preview cruise on the brand new, hi tech Celebrity Edge and one of the most depressing aspects of the cruise was everyone walking about with their cell phones. The maps , schedules, and room control are all on the cell phone, and in many public places people were staring at their phones avoiding human interaction. Very sterile. Even on the elevator, there was silence. One of the aspects of traveling with the other pax that we enjoy is chatting with the others. Might as well be in downtown New York or LA. We are done with the new Celebrity.