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  1. Since they are supposedly 24/7, we will try late at after mid-night up to 2 AM on the day of the test. Those times will have most of the US in sleep time mode and in the UK it will be early.
  2. Ordered our kits Wednesday afternoon and received them by Noon Friday. One kit has a 9/27/21 expiration and the other is 10/3/21. guess they are catching up.
  3. My statement was not to hide anything. Test results can be wrong. If one is positive and one is negative, then we need to do a third test. Just made up my mind, we will buy three tests per person. Cheap insurance.
  4. Is it safer to have two tests for each person in the event the first one is positive? One test per individual seems risky in the event it is ruined or turns positive and one has one day left before the trip.
  5. These preconditions may be subject to change. Take for example, as of last Thursday, the Celebrity Edge reported 8 confirmed cases out of 1555 pax on board. On Thursday evening, Celebrity issued an amended advisory that all pax for the Edge cruises, starting yesterday July 31, have to show negative Covid tests, taken 72 hours before departure.. This was a burden for pax sailing yesterday on the Edge. " All guests over the age two, regardless of vaccination status, will now be required to present a negative COVID-19 test result at the time of embarkation. This test may be taken as either a PCR test or an Antigen test, conducted within 72 hours of embarkation. Each guest is responsible for making their own arrangements with an accredited testing provider as well as all associated costs." My point is you have to be ready for anything at this point. To avoid this panic situation, I feel it is best to be prepared and get a test scheduled within the 72 hours for a Covid before our cruise in Nov. Not sure what the rest of the country is experiencing , but to book a PCR test present day, it takes a few days lead time. Covid Delta is generating a lot of fear again. Got to be ready for anything.
  6. Does anyone know if Nautica is actually going into "Next Upgrade" in 2021?
  7. Since Florida AG is appealing the Appelate Court decision to the Supreme Court, all this is conjecture. Since O screwed me when they announced the delay in restart of the R Ships, I have cancelled all my cruises with O until July 2022. I don't need to get whipsawed by the bureacrats and O. Instead we are doing two land based vacations.
  8. Behavior of the certain pax is no different than it was 2, 5 or 10 years ago, Ignore the rules and press for exception. Only a system like Disney's fast pass, that would not let the Celebrity counter people from making special allowances, and a separate waiting area for these anxious cruisers which would keep them away from those who can follow rules would solve the problem. At Disney, if you are early you got to wait in the heat. That's gentle discouragement.
  9. Case in point, the Iceland cruise I am trying to join next year has 12 waitlisters for a Vista Suite. Luckily I am #1 for an OS and I paid the $3K, 3 months after the cruise opened up. Until, if ever, the herd stops clamoring to resume cruising, this over demand will continue.
  10. Beyond me why NCL can't follow RCCl's process. I'm not going to wait for lawyers. I'm cancelling all my O cruises thru July 2022 and going to Celebrity till NCL figures out what they are doing. They screwed me out of two locked in cruises with the Jan 2022 restarts announcement. That cost us trying to find alternatives . I vote with my wallet.
  11. Any that don't have long waitlists. The herd booking i getting annoying for 2022. My cabin preferences are all booked out.
  12. I'm waitlisted as #1 on a once a year itinerary in July 2022. Usually I have a 80/20 chance of grabing the cabin I want, but now I give it a 50/50 chance given the herd bookings, but that could change if Delta virus, financial crash or something else develops.
  13. Was looking at what was available after Spring 2023. Does anyone have insight into when 2023 sailing offerings will begin to fill in?
  14. Shingrix definitely worth it. My sister in law caught Shingles on a business trip to London several years ago and it spread to her eye. Very debilitating. She is still recovering 5 years later. With no hesitant, we got our Shingles shot as soon it was available.
  15. O can make changes, but more importantly can the pax follow? Not every pax is retired or has unlimited cash. People do have vacation windows and budgets. Work, medical issues, budgets, time off, all play a role. Last minute major changes will probably disastrously effect O's bottom line.
  16. Crossed this "gate keeping" several times in the last 6 months. It's not about you. A pre operation test is the last protection against infecting the profitable units at any hospital or medical center. The test guarantees with a high probability whether you are infectious or not, with or without symptoms
  17. Whatever and whomever issues digital vax certification, This validation has to be borne by the Cruise ship. Imagine a cruise ship full of pax from all different countries docking, say the Maldives, and the pax line up at the customs desk with some poor soul trying to figure out 20 different countries and maybe 30 different US digital certificates. That's not going to happen . I shudder to think what will happen on the upcoming test cruises.
  18. So now New York State is preparing its own Vax Passports. And I am sure others will follow. Can you imagine the confusion with multiple proofs of vaccination from around the world? The old yellow card was universal and it worked. I guess I'll carry all the emails to prove I got the vax.
  19. I have waitlisted higher level suites several times. I put deposit money down and each time the suite category cleared. I currently have a waitlist for a July 2022 cruise to Iceland. I suspect I won't hear about it until final payment time, but you never know. I did clear from #2 spot on the list to #1 spot last December. I'm willing to move my deposit elsewhere if something better comes up
  20. If the sale generated enough Billions, then the creditors would be more than happy to renegotiate the terms of debt. The new owners (whether Apollo or someone else) could provide the same or better service until they resold the business some years thereafter.
  21. The updates must have been prepaid before the Covid hit. Interesting photos. The drydock took out a section of cabins to access the engine room.
  22. I am so pessimistic about July 2021, I booked July 2022 Iceland itinerary a few months ago, and I am only 80% confident that my ship will sail next year. On the other hand, not booking now will make your chances of snagging a booking next year very low with hundreds of thousands trying to line up reservations for all cruises. I see the rush the same as trying to get an appointment for a vaccine, at present. One herd movement begets another herd movement.
  23. To corroborate the validity of the Covid Vax card, I have copies of all the emails for scheduling, and vaccine confirmation from my Hospital, for my DW and I, that we received during the course of vaccine process. The card can be faked but the corroboration with third party documents (with all the ID code numbers) is better. Until an electronic system is established, that is the best that can be accomplished. When an electronic system is available, that's another matter
  24. If the crewmember was a part of a ring that would not only take the cash but sell the pax's info on the dark web, then sympathy is misguided. That creep could cause years of misery on the victim. I would have had him not only disciplined but removed from the ship without pay. Yeah I believe in "walk the plank" punishment.
  25. WHO reports China has less Covid cases to date then Kenya? total rubbish
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