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  1. The only problem with that is when I called Carnvial and they looked under my number, there are no offers available to me at this time.
  2. I would agree, but the emails are coming directly to my inbox with her past passenger info from Carnival. And they come often. I get very few of them and none with any good deals.
  3. SOOOO frustrated with Carnival right now. I am ready to book a cruise. Credit card in hand. I have been platinum for several years. Surprisingly, I get very few email offers for deals, but a friend of mine, who cruised with me a few years back and had my email address on her booking, is getting them DAILY! Reduced prices, reduced deposits, upgrades, but NOTHING for my platinum status. I've watched CCL go cheap on a lot of things over the years, but you would think that they would want to keep their customers who have been loyal to them coming back. I even called to see if they had anything they can offer; I just got an apology...but no deals. Guess I will be booking an all-inclusive at a resort, instead of taking a cruise. :mad::mad:Anyone else encounter this issue?
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