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  1. We did a lift and shift of our Feb 2021 to 2022. We just couldn't think of not cruising so we booked a shorter cruise in a lower category for Feb 2021. We'll play it by ear but if they sail we will be aboard unless something new happens. Responsible cruisers constantly wash their hands to avoid illness. We always use hand sanitizer when entering a dining room or if we pass an auto spritz unit. We'll wear masks if needed. We've always worried about catching something on a plane. Once our bags are in the overhead bin we don't touch anything. Our custom is to use antibacterial wipes o
  2. When my grandmother died of cancer pre-Covid, renal failure was the cause of death. I believe cancer was listed after that. If she were to pass away today and had been diagnosed with Covid before her death, would they put Covid as the primary cause of death? I would hope not since she was at end stage cancer. On a different note, I cannot figure out folks who refuse to wear a mask in stores or at gatherings.
  3. Just off the Reflection Fri. I'm assuming by candid you meant anything that doesn't look "posed". We had one photographer that suggested poses like look silly, look surprised, kiss, etc. These were in front of a green screen and later they added 5 or 6 different backgrounds. Other photogs on different nights had the standard poses. Port pics are the most candid as they're quick, one shot. Bar, lounge and around the ship pics are also candid. We take pics whenever offered. About 50 during this last 11 night cruise. You're not charged until you make a selection or package. 8x10's
  4. We board Reflection on the 10th! You're quite the wordsmith! Love reading it! Thanks for the menus too.
  5. As others have mentioned, the better location on the ship is why we book CC. We always get a C2 (at Elite C3 price) on the hump. Central location and often only a few more dollars than a regular balcony. The angle of the hump provides a slightly larger balcony with plenty of room for 2 chaise, a table, 2 chairs and footstools. It's been reported that the footstools are gone and a much smaller table on ships that have been "revolutionized".
  6. I'm not sure why, but every time I look in a mirror an older lady is in front of me. Sometimes I'll catch a glimpse of her in the reflection of a store window! I'm not sure who she is or why she's there but she'll have to keep up with this 63 yr old that's all of 18 inside.
  7. When we booked our Feb 2020 while aboard in Feb 2019 there were no C2's available. That has never happened before. We booked a C3 and kept an eye out for cabins to open up. For the longest time it showed balconies to suites sold out. Really?? Finally C2's opened up and we snagged one. Since then, categories opened and/or sold out repeatedly. It could be any of the reasons noted above but I think it's a shrewd way to make one think "I'd better hurry up and book before it's sold out".
  8. I'm 100% in agreement with everyones suggestions. One thing that really helped us was to have breakfast in the MDR when available (lunch too if available).You order off a menu and you chat with other cruisers at your table (you sit at whatever table they have or you can ask for a smaller table). Less emphasis on food and more on conversation. We say no to the bread when offered. Breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe is a minefield for us. Way too easy to pick up a croissant or pastry.😉
  9. Chair hogs are still chair hogs. We're really early risers so not a problem. Here's non-confrontational solution if you see loungers w/o a person for 30 or so minutes: let the pool attendant know that no one has come back to the loungers and to please remove the belongings. We've never had to do it but we did witness it on two separate occasions. We're on the Reflection Feb 10th so looking forward to your posts! Have a great time! (I was so glad to see the balcony had the "old" furniture. The "new" furniture is horrible. Tiny table, chairs that don't recline and no foo
  10. Wrk2cruise, about two weeks ago I saw the very thing you provided screen shots of. It made no sense to get the lower price and 4 perks. It is a deceptive practice by X. We only use the website to explore and price out our options. We feel confident booking through Future Cruise or working directly with an X planner. The invoice they immediately provide spells everything out.
  11. When flights were opened up for Feb 2020, Celebrity Air offered several airline choices and variety of times. Their site offered the airline we preferred and the preferred time. Checked directly with the airline and it was the same price. We decided to book through the airline so we would have more control over the reservation (like seat selection, getting emails of changes to the flight). However, if you got a great pkg deal, stick with that. ^.^
  12. We sail each year on our anniversary and it is noted in our reservation. We've never gotten any recognition but this year our cabin was decorated with rose petals on the bed and towel swans intertwined. We were surprised and thrilled. A sweet gesture.
  13. Perfectly said. Love being around younger folks! Keeps us young. ^.^
  14. We enjoy the Solarium and, as early risers, have our pick of loungers. It's quiet and serene even when full.
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