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  1. Having fun following along!!! My 25 year old son and his new bride are onboard for their honeymoon so I keep looking in the background of all your pictures...lol. Looks like you are all having a great time 🙂 If you happen to see a 6'1" guy and a 5' tall gal (looking totally in love) say Hello to Eric and Melissa..lol Enjoy your trip and hopefully get into PC on time!
  2. Has anybody done the post cruise excursion to Gulfstream park with the FLL drop off? Our flight doesn't leave until 5:00 and we have been trying to figure out what to do until then and not have to worry about our luggage. Any input? Thanks
  3. Thanks Flyby! We are in 1856. I think our windows may overlook the peek a boo bridge. I hope that doesn't detract from the amazing ocean views 🙂
  4. What cabin were you in? We are booked for one of these in Feb. and I can't find much info. Do you have any pictures by chance? Thanks
  5. Thank you for the info and pics PompeySailor. We have booked a cabana for our Feb. cruise and this was just what I needed to see to confirm my decision! Can you tell me how far of a walk is it to the nearest bar? And how was the "upgraded" buffet? Thanks again
  6. Lucastarr, Thank you so much for the info and pictures. It looks amazing!! I really liked the dinosaur perched on the rail...lol:') He looked like he was having a good time! I really hope they don't move them again before our trip. That beach area looked perfect. Thanks again :D
  7. Any info to share on the Cabana location? I just booked one for our Feb. cruise and would love to know. TIA
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