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  1. For us at this time and most likely for 2021 vacations are just going to be different. We have two cruises that have been moved to summer of 2021 but we most likely will not be seeing them happening. What we have done for this summer is book places that are within driving distance from the Northwest USA. We just returned from staying at a beautiful Lake Lodge in Whitefish MT. We were able to drive easily to Glacier National Park from Whitefish. We will be driving to Park City Utah in August. We are seeing places and having experiences we normally would not be doing. We are not fans of All Inclusive resorts but love cruising. We recognize the fact that some things are just too high of a risk right now and in order to vacation we just have to accept the fact that it is going to be different until it is safer. It does give us a chance to be saving a lot of $$ right now. That is unless we decide to remodel a bathroom!!! 😎. What is frustrating for me right now is I love to plan and I can’t really do that right now. So much work and planning went into this years Europe cruise and vacation that it was exhausting just to take it all apart! Stay safe and travel smart!!!
  2. We have done both and are avid cruisers. We enjoyed both but the downside for us is we still have to get there! We have a Hawaiian vacation booked in Nov that we will most likely cancel. We do not want to have to fly to get there! Six hours in an airplane wearing a mask with a plane load of passengers does not sound very safe to us. In the meantime we are renting vacation homes in places that we can drive too.
  3. We were told by Delta rep back in April that all that we needed to qualify for a refund was to have Delta make any change in our itinerary. Well Delta changed our Itinerary from a direct non stop to AMS to one that made two stops. I tried for several weeks to get hold of someone when we finally gave up and made a trip out to the airport and spoke to an agent during a quiet time. The Delta agent was very nice and she spent 15 min on hold on a direct line with someone who said we would see the refund on our credit card in about three weeks. We had the refund in three days!! We have also had friends who made a refund request on June 1st which couldn’t be found online. They called the refund line and after 17 min on hold their refund was processed and they saw theirs in three days as well. Hope this helps
  4. We have cruises from the West Coast (Vancouver BC) twice now in Sept. Fantastic beautiful weather cruises. For us it was like cruising on a lake. We had threats of hurricanes both times and fortunately nothing maturated from them. Broke up long before reaching the Islands. Ships change paths and steer clear. Much better weather than a spring one would have been.
  5. When they called us I was told they are doing it month by month. They were calling the folks that were cruising the last two weeks of July. So hang in there. August will no doubt be next. They realize many of us can’t even get over to Europe and there also is not free movement between countries at this point.
  6. We received a call this am from Tauck. Our July Rhine River Cruise has been cancelled. We have been waiting for that call. Like everyone else we are disappointed not to be traveling anywhere. It feels so strange not to be doing any planning or researching on anything now. Unfortunately we had to cancel this same cruise two years ago with Tauck when I ended up having surgery two weeks prior to leaving home. Luckily we had third party insurance on that trip. Like the agent said “third times a charm”. I sure hope so. We have elected to get our large deposit back. We will wait and see what happens in the next year.
  7. Mick. We had this Aft stateroom on the Port side on Eclipse for our last Alaska Cruise. We loved it. We spent a lot of our time out there on our mid June cruise. We took two of our grandchildren with us. While we were outside enjoying the fantastic views and watching for whales we were very protected ourselves from the wind. On the sides they get the wind. We were not bothered by the noise. Even though we had fantastic sunny weather there were not that many people up there as it gets windy and cooler up there in the bar for those sitting outside. Our recommendation is book it and enjoy.
  8. It’s very interesting to watch these amazing ladies. This tradition is dying out as younger ladies have chosen not to follow in their footsteps.
  9. A lot of us who are 60-70 and 71-80 are being very careful with our self isolating. If we should happen to get it especially if we’re 71-80 our chances of dying are higher. Looks like anyone regardless of age with underlying conditions are at a greater risk of dying. So why would anyone want to purposely put themselves in harms way in an enclosed environment for several weeks. Sounds like one would be inviting trouble. If your physician advises against it why would you do it? I know ours would advise NO. Obviously someone who has never cruised does not have the understanding of our draw to cruising nor the excitement. But from a pure medical standpoint the risks do not change the picture. We have been cruising for 15 years now and have never been sick not one single day. We have been all over the place. We are unfortunately like so many others suddenly considered high risk. There has never been a virus with no one having immunity and there is no cure. It’s a whole different world out there.
  10. Unfortunately not even the cleanest most sanitized ship will prevent Covid from spreading if someone brings it on board with them. It is spread by coughing and/or sneezing. There is too much of it worldwide. Until there is a vaccine it will still be around. As you know a person could test negative today but positive a few days later. Many of us are keeping a close eye on this. It will be interesting to see what transpires as things begin to open up. Other countries as well. We do not even want to be on an airplane anytime soon. I agree clean ships they will be until crew and passengers start coming back on board. I also agree right now the line has to be drawn on everyone. From the reports it is less in children but they are little carriers so are younger adults. None of us are safe but we can lessen our chances.
  11. I guess that’s their problem if they want to put their lives on the line and take the risk. Myself I am in this category(65-69) with controlled asthma and there is no vacation that is worth the risk. Don’t get me wrong we are avid cruisers and just canceled a very well planned European Cruise and we are very disappointed. The Cruise May still be going but we sadly are not. Many of us are very disappointed and saddened as this was something none of us saw coming. We will cruise again but not this year.
  12. Yesterday we canceled an Ireland Cruise. We had a different cruise in mind for June 2021. Celebrity applied every cent of our non refundable deposit very graciously toward the new cruise. We did loose our three perks that came with the deposit. Prices are high for next year so we will keep an eye out for reductions. and have them reduce ours when we see them. Now we at least have the stateroom that we wanted. 😎
  13. Amalfi Coast. (Brilliance of the Seas) private excursion with Rome in Limo.
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