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    Transferring Deposit

    Thank you all ,again ,for your thoughts about my son. I had a kidney transplant 7 years ago, with numerous complications, but I am fine now. He has the same problem I have (PKD), but we thought it would be many years before he would face a transplant. I am very optimistic that he will do just fine and this story will have a happy ending. The deposit issue, pales in comparison, but I will give it my best shot and see what happens. Again, thanks for the support and advise. Barb
  2. lil buddy

    Transferring Deposit

    If I am reading the cancelation policy correctly, I should be entitled to a 75% of my deposit. I will certainly call again tomorrow and call Miami, if necessary. Thank you all for your suggestions and than you Canadian for your kind wishes for my son.
  3. lil buddy

    Transferring Deposit

    :confused:Does anyone have any advice for me, regarding getting credit for a deposit ? I booked the O/S for a fall cruise, and final payment has not been made yet. My son is waiting for a kidney transplant and I do not want to be across the country for 2 weeks, at this time. I didn't take insurance, when I booked.....I take that when I make final payment. All I would like to do is transfer the deposit to a different sailing, at a later date. To further complicate things, my PCC, who was great, is no longer there and the girl I spoke to earlier today, wasn't able to do anything for me. Is this a case of ask until you get the answer you want, or call corporate ? If anyone has any suggestions or names and titles of people to contact, I would be grateful. For what it is worth, we are frequent NCL cruisers (2-3) a year and always in the O/S. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Barb