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  1. My mom has dementia. When she started taking off I really had no choice. But shes very happy there. We told her she was there for therapy. She asked a few times when she was getting out. Luckily that has stopped. She is 93 and very stubborn. Her and my DIL fought alot. She didn't like being told what to do. I guess she listens to strangers better.
  2. We are taking the "kids" this year. Its a thank you to show our appreciation for them taking care of my mom. We wanted to do something special for them. They had just gotten married and gave up their life to do this. They now own moms house and she is actually much happier in the nursing home if you can believe that. It was a very rough year and a half for all of us. Glad things worked out.
  3. We have our cruise in May. John is filling out paperwork right now. I can't wait. We really need this. 🏝️🚢
  4. Our wonderful puppy raiser friends got this paver in memory of Wexler. It will be displayed at the CCI campus on Long Island. ❤️🐾
  5. Roz can you email me? I'm not sure if I have the new email you posted here.
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