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  1. A huge thank you for the info. I was able to secure FTTF for our August 2020 cruise and I am one happy cruiser!
  2. Wow! Thank you all for the great info and advice. I really appreciate it.
  3. Hello To All Carnival Cruisers! Sailing on the Magic next year and need your input. I am hopeful you can answer the following and thank you in advance . 1. If I purchase the drink package, will I still be able to purchase a a good bottle of wine at dinner? Does Carnival some how count a bottle towards your 15 drink limit per day? 2. If I select fixed dining, will I be able to have a table for two....thinking second seating. 3. Where do I locate Faster to the Fun option and how many months before my sail date will it be posted ? 4. What are the lunch options when I board besides the buffet?
  4. Thank you and will keep a running record . Looking forward to seeing the new deck plans for the Summit!
  5. After spending a significant amount of time on the phone with reservations and a Captains Club rep, I was informed that the two cabins on the Summit after dry dock will change to triples and that they will differ from the Millennium cabins 2072 and 2076 which are doubles on the new deck plans. Gosh, I'm a bit nervous that this may not happen. Can anyone tell me from experience if different ships in the same class have different occupancy in the same respective cabins.... ex. Cabin XXXX on the Millennium is a double and on the Summit it's a triple.
  6. Many thanks jelayne and Bo1953 for your input. Calling now!
  7. Hello Cruisers! I received a telephone call from Celebrity stating that the two inside cabins I reserved for the Dec 28th sailing had been changed from an occupancy of three people to two people and we had to be moved. We were assigned new cabins 2072 and 2076. When I looked at the new deck plan for the Millennium it appears that these cabins are double occupancy too. Am I correct to assume that Millennium and Summit have the identical deck plans and our new assigned cabins by a rep from Celebrity is an error? Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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